Thursday, November 15, 2012

Goodbye Maggie

 On November 12,  Kim had to say goodbye to Maggie.  Maggie had been ill for a short while , & although she was still bright in mind, her body was tired.

All of Go!Dog!Go! are saddened by her passing, she was a funny, bright girl, who had an enormous personality, & always wore a crazy smile on her face when she was doing the things she loved.

Our Condolences to Kim, Colin & Amy, she was loved by us all

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Training Troop

A very happy Roberta would like to report that ROLO got a Q in Starters Jumpers & Starters Gamblers to give her the STARTERS GAMES DOG OF CANADA Title!!!!!
She then went on to Q in Advanced Snooker!

Friday, September 21, 2012

More Medicine Hat

Deb reported...
At the Medicine Hat Trial, NITRO  earned 4 Q's and 2 Titles !!
2 Q's in Advanced Standard earning his ADVANCED AGILITY DOG OF CANADA title!!!  & 2 Q's in Masters Jumpers earning his MASTERS JUMPERS DOG OF CANADA title!
Whoo Hoo, how awesome is that !!!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Flashing Canines, Medicine Hat Results, updated

Kim has some fantastic news....
On Sat. BOSLEY got a Masters Jumpers Q, then on Sun. he got a Masters Snooker Q giving him his AGILITY TRIAL CHAMPIONSHIP !!!!
Whoo Hoo, Congratulations!!

Amanda's pug IZZIE continues to shine, she got an Advanced Standard Q, giving her the ADVANCED AGILITY DOG OF CANADA title !!!!!., then her first time in Masters she came home with Q's in Standard & Snooker!!
Awesome job!!

Susan reported that JERRY was in Medicine Hat on Saturday and had a great day.
He got a Q in Masters Snooker, earning his MASTERS SNOOKER Title!!!
He also got a Q in Masters Jumpers, earning his EXPERT JUMPERS BRONZE Title!!!!
Huge Congratulations to a great teaam !!!!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Kimberley BC

Huge Congratulations go out to Lynn & LUCY for receiving their SILVER AWARD OF MERIT this weekend at the Kimberly BC Agility Trials!!!!!
Aside from LUCY'S Silver Award of Merit,.....LUCY had 4 Q's in 6 runs!.....1 in Masters Gamblers, 2 in Masters Jumpers, and 1 in Masters Snooker.

SOPHIE also had a great weekend, bringing home 3 Q's.....1 in Advanced Standard, 1 in Masters Snooker., and 1 in Masters Jumpers. She also had 2 clean runs in Steeplechase...just 2 sec over time in each.
Amanda reports that PIXEL got 4 Q's, 2 in Masters Standard & 2 in Masters Jumpers! VITO came out to play & Q'd in Starters Snooker! BOONE came out of retirement as well, running FEO, & did smokin fast weaves!! Congratulations to the gang!!!!

Tammy reports,
Home from Kimberley after another great agility weekend. TAYLOR came home with a Masters Snooker Q-yah!!! . We also had clean ,smoothly run Masters Standard x 1 , Masters Jumpers x 2 AND a very impressive Master Gamblers (completed two mini gambles in the opening and the main gamble!!) but missed Q's on time faults.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Nobleford Heritage Days

On Saturday the Go!Dog!Go! group headed up to Nobleford to participate in their Heritage Day Parade & give an Agility Demo. 
What a great time & we came in 1st Place in the Miscellaneous Category!!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

CKC Agility at Spruce Meadows

There is not a more beautiful venue for Agility then Spruce Meadows! I love it.
A few of us entered & I have some results.....

WALKER came home with 2 Intermediate Jumpers Q's reports Toni!
Well done!!

Amanda's IZZY came home with both her INTERMEDIATE STANDARD Title & her INTERMEDIATE  JUMPERS Title, in one weekend!!
Congratulations !!!

Jolene's KORT got his 2nd Intermediate Standard Q & 2 Intermediate Jumpers Q's !!
Such a good boy!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Paws And Effect Trial

Results are coming in !

Tammy reports that TAYLOR went MAD this weekend earning her MASTERS AGILITY DOG OF CANADA title!
Whoo Hoo!! So proud of you guys!!!

Debbie had a successful weekend as well, with NITRO earning a Q in Advanced Standard, & his first Q's in Masters!!  1 in Jumpers & 1 in Gamblers!

Lynn had some exciting news as well.  LUCY Q'd in Masters Jumpers & Masters Standard, which earned her the EXPERT STANDARD SILVER Title!!!
What an Accomplishment!!!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

CKC Agility

I received the results from our CKC Agility trial from Julia on how her group of Weimaraners fared....TRUE in his 1st ever trial came home with 2 Q's in Novice Standard ,showing that he has brains as well as beauty !
McKEELY Q'd in Excellent B Jumpers With Weaves bringing her closer to her Masters title
TEA got 2 Q's in Excellent Jumpers With Weaves & a Q in Excellent Standard, pretty good seeing as she just moved up to Excellent!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Goodbye Old Friend

We must again say goodbye to a wonderful dog :(
Condolences to Deb & family on the recent loss of a great dog , Stoker

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

CKC Agility Trial Results

This past weekend was our local CKC Agility Trial, it went off well & showed that even though we are a small club we can do anything if we pull together.

Andrea wrote to say the CHARM got 3/4 Q's toward her Masters Excellent Jumpers With Weaves title. You need 10 perfect scores to obtain this title, quite remarkable considering how ill CHARM was this past March, I'd say she's made a complete recovery!

Toni reported that KELSEE earned her 1st Excellent Standard Q !!
And WALKER earned his 1st Intermediate Standard Q on Sat.,  & finished his Novice Jumpers With Weaves Title !!

TRUE & Julia were there & I know he got a couple of Q's as well!!! Brains & Beauty for this big boy :)

Amanda's IZZIE was a star, Qing in 7/8 runs & earning both her Novice Standard Title & her Novice Jumpers With Weaves Title, all with 1st placing & 1 2nd in her class
Go Pug!!

Jolene's KORT braved the heat & managed to get his 1st Intermediate Standard Q as well as finishing his Novice Jumpers With Weaves Title !!
Such a Good Boy !

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Canada Day Demo 2012

Go!Dog!Go! participated in the Canada Day demo once again this year.
We were at the beautiful Henderson Lake. What a wonderful group of people we have ,  everyone had a great time entertaining the crowds & showing our patriotic side.
Thanks to Tammy for taking pictures of everyone that came!!
 Here are a few for you enjoy :)

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Something Different, but no less awesome!

Sarah and Amanda headed to Okotoks this weekend for a CKC Herding trial. This was their very first venture into Herding trials and what a great weekend they had!!!

Both Gyp and Brit came home with their Herding Started titles!!!

Gyp earned 3 High in Trials and one 4th place. She kept her cool, calm head and was just a great girl all weekend. Sarah is very proud of her little dog!

Brit earned 1 High in Trial, and three Reserve High in Trials. She was a little zippy at times, but Amanda kept her cool and managed to get her sheep around the course. ;)

What a great accomplishment!!! Congratulations!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Regionals Results!

Regionals is over and what a great weekend!!
Thank you Flashing Canines for a smooth running and FUN event!! Congrats to everyone!!

Kaleb 2nd place 16"DD vets
Pearl 4th place 10" vets
Sunar 3rd place 6" vets
Flash 9th place 16" regular

and to the other qualifiers...
Taylor 16" specials
Swift 22" regular
Marco 10" DD Veterans

Our groups support and team spirit is just amazing! There were a lot of spectacular runs over the weekend- and we are just so proud of you all!!!

Thank you to Amanda S, Debbie and Jolene for volunteering all weekend.
And to Jolayne and Paula for taking care of all of us!!

Go! Dog! Go!

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Regionals !!!!!

Go!Dog!Go! wishes everyone competeing in this years Regionals GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!

Monday, May 21, 2012

2x4 Agility Trial Results

Beware of weekend trials , this too could happen to you :)
Aislyn & Sarah take a nap :)

Go!Dog!Go! was at the 2x4 trials this past weekend, here are some of the results......

Tammy reports that TAYLOR got a Q in Advanced Gamblers which gave her her ADVANCED GAMES DOG TITLE !!

Deb & NITRO were smokin! NITRO earned 6 Q's. 2 Advanced Jumpers, 2 Advanced Gamblers & 2 Starters Standards giving him his AGILITY DOG OF CANADA TITLE!!

Lynn had a great weekend with LUCY getting 4 Q's, 3 Master Standard Q's & 1 Master Gambler Q
SOPHIE came home with 1 Advanced Standard Q

Jolene & KORT had a great weekend as well. KORT came home with 4 Q's, 2 Starters Standard Q's, giving him his AGILITY DOG OF CANADA TITLE !! , &  1 Starters Gamblers & 1 Starters Jumpers Q which finished his STARTERS GAMES DOG OF CANADA TITLE !!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Chidren's Festival Fun!

Yesterday Go!Dog!Go! participated in the Children's Festival.
This year marks the 50th Anniversary of the Lethbridge Kennel club & the theme for the year is Dog Ownership & the many aspects involved. We all had such a great time, here are a few pictures from the day.....

Bosley helps bring the milk & cheese home from the market
On the way they find an injured dog, oh no!! we must get her to the vet!
They get to the vet in the knick of time!
Thank you Dr. Tammy :)
Lupine & Bosley are excited to have found a giant Fire Hydrant!
Pretty McKeely likes the Fire Hyrant too
Cava gives everyone a break & looks after the information booth
Buzz enjoys the attention while being groomed
Lupine with her pink ball
Aislyn did a great job of handling Gyp......

 Lots more pictures to come !

Monday, April 16, 2012

Weekend News

For the first time GO!DOG!GO! students were at different Agility trials! Some travelled to Calgary & the others to Medicine Hat.

Here are reports that have come in so far......

Deb's NITRO brought home a Q in Advanced Gamblers!

Judy is excited to report that KONA got a Q in Starters Gamblers which moves her into Advanced !!

Lynn was in Medicine Hat with LUCY & SOPHIE.
LUCY came home with 2 Q's 1 in Masters Standard & 1 in Masters Snooker
SOPHIE had 3 Q's. 2 in Advanced Jumpers & 1 in Advanced Snooker

Jolene's KORT came home with 2 Q's. His 1st Starters Jumpers Q & a Starters Snooker Q, which moves him into Advanced Snooker! Both were with 1st placements in class.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Training Troop Results

Jaime & COOKIE didn't come home with any Q's but they were recognized for their efforts by being awarded the JUDGES CHOICE AWARD for a Starters Team, as well as the NEW TEAM AWARD!!!
Well done Jaime !!!

Judy writes that KONA Q'd in Starters Jumpers & Starters Gamblers!
Way to Go !!!

Andrea wrote to tell me of ANDRE'S fantastic weekend. He Q'd in Advanced Standard, Advanced Jumpers & Advanced Gamblers to give him his ADVANCED GAMES DOG OF CANADA title !

Tammy had a great weekend with TAYLOR, they Q'd in 2 Masters Standard runs as well as a Q in Masters Snooker!

Shannon & PIPER got their STARTERS GAMES DOG OF CANADA title!
Way To Go !!!

Congratulations to Jan , Dave & STAR who got the last leg for their AGILITY DOG OF CANADA title !
Whoo Hoo!!!

Congratulations to Toni & WALKER who came home with Q's in Advanced Jumpers & Advanced Gamblers.

Friday, March 9, 2012


Sarah's little dog Janie has been battling with Congestive Heart Failure for more than a year. She lived longer than the vets predicted, and defied odds with each heart beat.  Finally, the time came when Jane's little heart couldn't beat anymore. She died peacefully in her sleep early this week.

It was a fitting end for a queen- on her own terms. Jane's whole life was like that- a true terrier who made decisions for herself. If it made her mom happy great, if not it was no matter to her! She was a dog that kept Sarah on her toes- in life, and in training. She was not an easy dog and it was because of Jane that Sarah got into agility. And it was because of how cute (and naughty) Jane was that Sarah and I became friends. And later formed GDG. So Jane really was the start of it all. We owe her a lot.

The original Princess (who quickly became the Queen). A dog who no one would dare mess with. A role model for dogs with attitude. A fiesty gal who played agility for kitty toys, and loved critters, plastic grocery bags, and kitties. (Well, loved in a "I wanna chase it and eat it" sort of way...)

She will be remembered often.

Rest in Peace Janie.

I'm sure you're already bossin everyone around from your throne on the back of a pink furry couch (placed in front of a window that gets sun 24/7). The Queen always gets what she wants in Heaven....


And a note to our Go Dog Go family and friends. There will be no more deaths this year. I mean it. Stay healthy- all of you. It's been a rough couple of months for us. We need time to grieve and our hearts to heal. That's an order.  ~Amanda

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Another one of our family

On Saturday morning we lost another member of our Go Dog Go family. We are heartbroken at the sudden loss of Chase.

Chase succumbed to Renal Failure. With no signs other than an upset tummy Friday. Saturday morning he was not well and Shauna rushed him to the vet. Just a short while later she was forced to say Goodbye.Tragic and Heartbreaking.

Chase was a dog that gave it is all 100% of the time. He was always ready to work, and would do anything his mom asked him to. He had recently started training for Scenthurdle Racing and attacked the racing lanes with the same gusto as the agility ring. His love for life was contagious and he wore a smile always.

He was Shauna's first dog ever. And did they ever have a great journey together. Together they learned many lessons. Lessons about training, life, and love.

He was a great dog, and he will be missed by all who loved him. 

Rest In Peace Chase, you were loved very much.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Calgary Trial Results

the Results are coming in...

Susan wrote to tell me that JERRY got his first ever Masters Snooker Q !

Kim is thrilled to report that BOSLEY Q's in Masters Standard & went MAD this weekend !!!!
He also brought home Q's in Masters Gamblers, Snooker & Jumpers!

Toni reports that WALKER picked up a Starters Snooker Q which gave him his STARTER'S GAMES DOG TITLE !
Way to go!!!

Jan & Dave are thrilled to death that BB earned her SILVER AWARD OF MERIT !!! That is 25 Masters Standard Q's & 50 Masters Games Q's!!
Jolayne ran BB for the last leg which gave her the title but most of the Q's were under the able handling of Dave.

Andrea had a great weekend...
ANDRE earned a Q in Advanced Snooker which moved him into Masters, he also Q'd twice in Advanced Gamblers.
CHARM got her last Starters Snooker leg to give her the STARTER'S GAMES DOG TITLE! She also Q'd in Advanced Snooker, Advanced Standard & got 2 Q's in Advanced Gamblers which means she is now in Masters!!
Congratulations !!!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Gone Too Soon :(

Go!Dog!Go! has lost another of our own :(
We would like to extend our deepest sympathy to Jolayne, Aaron & Aislyn on the loss of Tag just yesterday.
He was one hell of a dog Jo & we will all miss him so very much.

Jo will hold you close within her heart
And there you will remain
To walk with her throughout her life
Until you meet again

Rest In Peace TAG

Monday, January 16, 2012

Training Troop Results!!

Just in from Amanda......
IZZIE ran well all weekend and even though she only Q'd one run out of three, it was the last Q she needed for her AGILITY DOG OF CANADA TITLE!!
Way to Go!!

I also heard from Roberta......
It occurs to me that I am tardy in providing you with KARMAS update from the trial this weekend.
No Q's for us, but a good experience none the less. KARMA and I ran our very first challenge course in a trial last weekend, and did it clean! way over time (9.75 sec), ha ha ha, but without any off-courses or any equipment faults. So we will consider this a success.
KARMA was feeling off though on Saturday, and she seemed to have sore shoulders, so I pulled her on Sunday after the steeplechase run and I have been trying to give her a bit of a rest since then.
I hope that helps
Feel better soon KARMA !!!

Julia reports......
MCKEELEY got a Q in Steeplechase.
TEA did awesome and got a Steeplechase Q and another Starters Standard which was her ADC title!! She had a great weekend going 5 out of 7 runs , on Saturday she got 2 Starters Standard Q’s and an Advanced Jumpers Q...
GG had an awesome run and her first agility Q in Starters Standard. So proud of the little squirrel, all her runs were great, focused and working hard : ) GG also won the JUDGES CHOICE AWARD for Starters!! Very proud

Lynn reports......
SOPHIE had 2 Q's out of 4 runs, both in Starters Standard.........AND she got her ADC Title after the first run, so second Q was a bonus!!
I was really pleased with her other 2 runs as well, she is coming along really well !!!
LUCY ran in three runs, with minor errors......even came close in a very difficult had 5 Q's in @ 80 runs!!!