Tuesday, August 10, 2010

AAC Nationals

OK, OK, I know I didn't update as promised!!!!

We were so busy it was impossible to update, you'd think having at National in our backyard, would make it easier, NOPE! Way more difficult! Serious lack of sleep going on! Jan & Dave were part of the Organizing Committee and Jolayne helped train Volunteers.

Here are some group shots! Everyone ran great and came home with ribbons!!! Over 640 dogs from Canada and the US ... it was truly amazing! Gorgeous venue, great Agility, what could be better?

Dave & Pearl, Jan & BB, Star who wanted to be in the photo, Lynne & Lucy, Jo & Tag, Sarah with K-man & Gyppie

I don't have all the specifics YET, but everyone earned a Top 10 placement in either Steeplechase or an Individual event, so nobody went home empty handed, which is wonderful!

Pearl (10" Specials) ran great! 3 Clean runs I think and 1 or 2 individual placements!

BB (6" DD Vets) came home with a couple placements too!!

Lucy (16" DD Vets), ran 3 Clean Runs and earned 1 or 2 Individual placements in Jumpers in a class of 56 dogs!

Tag (22" Reg), Ran wonderfully, only a bar in most runs, he also placed 7th/94 in his second Steeplechase run wow! He rocked his second Day gamble too!

Kaleb (16"DD Vet), Kaleb ran in the Pre-qualifier and ran 4/4 clean - he had enough points in 4 runs (410 points) and didn't have to run all 6 to get the points!! He competed in the big event over the weekend, knocked a bar in almost each run, but the clean run he had he eraned 9th/56 in his Standard. Whatta boy!

Gyp (16" Specials), Placed 3rd Overall!!! She had 4 class placements, 1 -1st Jumpers, 2 - 2nds Standard and Gamblers and a 3rd in Gamblers!

Great Job Go! Dog! Go! We are so proud of everyone!!!