Friday, September 21, 2012

More Medicine Hat

Deb reported...
At the Medicine Hat Trial, NITRO  earned 4 Q's and 2 Titles !!
2 Q's in Advanced Standard earning his ADVANCED AGILITY DOG OF CANADA title!!!  & 2 Q's in Masters Jumpers earning his MASTERS JUMPERS DOG OF CANADA title!
Whoo Hoo, how awesome is that !!!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Flashing Canines, Medicine Hat Results, updated

Kim has some fantastic news....
On Sat. BOSLEY got a Masters Jumpers Q, then on Sun. he got a Masters Snooker Q giving him his AGILITY TRIAL CHAMPIONSHIP !!!!
Whoo Hoo, Congratulations!!

Amanda's pug IZZIE continues to shine, she got an Advanced Standard Q, giving her the ADVANCED AGILITY DOG OF CANADA title !!!!!., then her first time in Masters she came home with Q's in Standard & Snooker!!
Awesome job!!

Susan reported that JERRY was in Medicine Hat on Saturday and had a great day.
He got a Q in Masters Snooker, earning his MASTERS SNOOKER Title!!!
He also got a Q in Masters Jumpers, earning his EXPERT JUMPERS BRONZE Title!!!!
Huge Congratulations to a great teaam !!!!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Kimberley BC

Huge Congratulations go out to Lynn & LUCY for receiving their SILVER AWARD OF MERIT this weekend at the Kimberly BC Agility Trials!!!!!
Aside from LUCY'S Silver Award of Merit,.....LUCY had 4 Q's in 6 runs!.....1 in Masters Gamblers, 2 in Masters Jumpers, and 1 in Masters Snooker.

SOPHIE also had a great weekend, bringing home 3 Q's.....1 in Advanced Standard, 1 in Masters Snooker., and 1 in Masters Jumpers. She also had 2 clean runs in Steeplechase...just 2 sec over time in each.
Amanda reports that PIXEL got 4 Q's, 2 in Masters Standard & 2 in Masters Jumpers! VITO came out to play & Q'd in Starters Snooker! BOONE came out of retirement as well, running FEO, & did smokin fast weaves!! Congratulations to the gang!!!!

Tammy reports,
Home from Kimberley after another great agility weekend. TAYLOR came home with a Masters Snooker Q-yah!!! . We also had clean ,smoothly run Masters Standard x 1 , Masters Jumpers x 2 AND a very impressive Master Gamblers (completed two mini gambles in the opening and the main gamble!!) but missed Q's on time faults.