Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Last Agility Trials of the Year ...

We are all done trialing for the the year!! What a great year 2009 has been, lots of new dogs and handlers debuted, and we have some new dogs and handlers waiting in the wings for 2010!! Thanks for everyone's support over the year, we have a great group!!

November Calgary Agility

Jolayne and Tag had some awesome runs! What a great team they are becoming, Tag earned his way into Masters SNooker with his 3rd Advanced Snooker Q on a difficult course!

Kim ran Maggie and Bosley
Maggie had some great moments out there! She hurt her self on Saturday so was pulled, and after an adjustment from the Chiro, she was back to her self, running for 2 more runs on Sunday.

Bosley had a great weekend, we Qd in both Starters Jumpers (now moves to Advanced), he also Q in Starters Gamblers, and Starters Snooker (now moves to Advanced) and earned his Starters Title! Way to go!

Sarah ran Kaleb and Gyp
Kaleb ran well considering he spent the week hunting. In Kaleb style he made Sarah work for every run, and brought home 5 Qs, 2 Masters Jumpers, 1 Masters Gamble, 2 Masters Standards

Gyp had a great time! She brought home 5 Qs too. 2 Masters Jumpers, 1 Masters Standard, 1 Masters Gamble and 1 Masters Snooker
- - - - - - - -
October Training Troop

Jan, Dave and BB and Pearl had a good weekend!
BB Had a nice Steeplechase run, but ended up getting pulled for the rest of trial as she was not feeling like her usual spunky self.
Pearl had a super fast runs and Dave handled her really well, she had some nice placements, and came home with a Steeplechase and Standard Q

Amanda ran Wicca and Boone
Wicca ran great and only had a couple bars all weekend. She also earned her EXG Bronze for her 10th Masters Gamble! She also had the FASTEST time in Steeplechase!!

Boone earned his ADVANCED Games Dog Title with a Q in Snooker! He also got his first Steeplechase Q! He had some wondferul runs!

Lynne and Lucy had some wonderful runs in Masters, and Lucy's A-Frame has really improved, they are a great team!

Sarah ran Gyp and Kaleb
Gyp earned her EXG Bronze for her 10th Masters Gamble, also earning her her VBA Award. As well she also earned a Jumpers Q and 3 Masters Standard Qs.

Kaleb had a great weekend and kept his energy up until the end. He brought home 2 Qs in Masters Standard and a Q in Jumpers and Snooker.