Monday, October 5, 2009

Calgary Agility One Day Trial

Calgary Agility Hosted an One Day Agility Trial on Sunday.

a couple newbies and the old stand-bys attended.

Cindy and Su'nar ran in 2 Starters classes. They had a GREAT opening gamble and got both mini-gambles, they were so close to the closing gamble but Sunar went too far! It was a great run! Su'nar was wild on her jumpers course, and they had a blast!

Jenilee and Neena also ran in 2 Starters classes. Neena ran great, got both her mini gambles, finished the end gamble and that is their first Q!!!!!! Congrats! Neena has a some great moments in her jumpers course, and Jenilee was really happy with her progress!

Dave and Jan ran Pearl and BB, got her Masters Standard Q as well as her Masters Jumpers Q. And she was raring to go all day.

Pearl was a little tentative in her first indoor trial of the year, but pulled through to the end!

Amanda ran Wicca and Boone, Boone was a superstar as usual, and made his Masters Gamblers debut with a Q!!! He had a great Standard run ... even with Amanda not walking it first! He also Qd in Advanced Jumpers and now moves to Masters!

Wicca ran great too. She Q'd effortlessly in Masters Gamblers, it was her 10th Masters Gamblers 1st and Q for her ExBrGambler title! She a nice Standard run for a Q and a really nice Masters Jumpers run, with just one bar!! Amanda was also happy with how she handled the challenge course.

Jolayne and Tag, got their first Q in Masters Standard and placed 1st! They debuted in Masters Gamblers in style and got the Q and a 1st Place! Jo was pretty proud of how she handled the challenge course, and had one bar in her Jumpers round.

Sarah ran Gyp and the K-man, Gyp ran great, she 1st and Qd in Masters Gamblers. She also ran a nice Standard run and 1st and Q'd. She was only 1 of 3 dogs to Q in the Challenge course. Her jumpers run was the fastest of the day, but she had a bar.

K-man ran really well and Q'd in Masters Gamblers and Masters Standard.

Congrats everyone!!!