Saturday, August 29, 2009

Agility Demo for the Humane Society

The Lethbridge Humane Society asked us to do an Agility demo after their Annual Dog Jog. It was a great day! We had some fun little courses, a Team relay, and a 24 weave pole challenge!

Here are some highlights:
Some of the spectators

Judy and Roxy during the introductions

Bosley on his favourite obstacle: The Teeter!

Julia and McKeely

The yellow Team discussing strategy :)

Wicca running the Team Relay

Jenilee, our MC for the day, demonstrated the upcoming Weave pole Challenge, but she popped the 6th pole, and didn't end up doing all 24 :)

Jolayne and Tag, showing how it is REALLY done

Sarah cheers Kaleb on

Debbie and Stoker

Jolene and Tate

Gyppie won the weave pole challenge, but it was anyone's game!

Kim made a WICKED weave video! Check it out!!!

What Go! Dog! Go! post would be complete without a photo of our Mascot, Aislyn!

Thanks to everyone who came out and helped make the demo a big success!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Agility Fun Day Photos


Tag and Jo

It was also Stryker's 10th Birthday Today! Happy Birthday dude!

Jovi A.K.A. Sassy Pants

see more here too:

Monday, August 17, 2009

Seminar News

We are proud to be presenting Terry Simons again, February 5 - 8th, 2010.

If you would like to register, email me (and I'll send you the forms), it will be open for registration Sept 1. (sarah.novak @

Since Go!Dog! Go! students have first priority, there are limited spots available, and they will be first come first serve. Please don't email before Sept 1. for a spot, as we aren't sure how many will be filled by our own group. We will update the number of spots available Sept 1.

Here is the Schedule:


AM - Younger dogs around 18 months just starting to sequence.

PM - Handling 270 FULL


Can you handle it

Can you handle it part 2


AM -Tight Lines FULL

PM - Continuation for the novice from last year FULL

if you would like to be on a waiting list please email us.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Nationals video montage!

Starring Tag, Wicca, Gyp and the K-man!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Nationals Pics ...

Wicca 2nd Place, 6" Special, 475 points, class of 13 dogs
Wicca also earned her Steeplechase Title on Friday!!
2nd Place 6" Steeplechase Finals

Gyp 3rd Place, 16" Special, 535 points, class of 40 dogs
2nd Place 16" Steeplechase Finals

Kaleb 7th Place, 16" DD Vet, 534 points, class of 53 dogs

Tag ran great. Jo was amazing with her ring nerves, wow. For a team who ran their FIRST regionals, and then their first National, they were GREAT. They looked like pros out there, and they held there own among the other competitors. We are very proud of you BOTH!!!!!
The had WICKED Gamble opeings 50+ points, Jo was so proud of how he ran, the biggest class at the event. A shining moment for Tag and Jo was his Steeplechase, he had the 15th fastest time of 112 dogs!! He also got a Q!!

Congrats to everyone from Alberta on a great showing!!!!!

Monday, August 3, 2009


Here is a "just the basics" report of how we did.





Jo held her own in her division and had some amazing runs.

We are ALL very proud of ourselves, and our dogs. This has been an amazing weekend.

Jo, Aaron and I are all heading home today. I'll be updating my own blog tonite (late)


Saturday, August 1, 2009

Saturday Update

We just got back from the worst banquet ever, and I am too tired, and cranky to blog about the results of the day.

Except. We all kicked ass (mostly) and all had a great day.

Tag had an awesome Gamble opening and racked up tons of points. He missed the end gamble by a tunnel. :o) His Standard was good- and there was some really great parts. He had a bar or two I think. His jumpers was a little wild. It again had some pretty moments, but mostly Jo wants to forget about it.

Kaleb did great. He ran clean in Jumpers and Standard, and had a great Gamble opening, but didn't get the end gamble. His Jumpers run was beautiful, and he never stepped one foot out of line.

Gyp had a great day too- her Gamble was breathtaking and she had no problem with the end gamble. Her Jumpers run was flawless. Her standard run was beautiful- except for the first two obstacles. She had a little melt down before she went in to the ring and Sarah had to work extra hard to keep Gyp from being nervous. Thankfully, Gyp recovered and the rest of the run was gorgeous.

Wicca had an awful start to her day. Apparently it is a tradition to have a FIVE POINT run at Nationals. She was completely wild, and did not listen to me. It was rough. She redeemed herself with the gamble, although still had weave issues. She got the gamble though, but had an average opening. Her standard run at the end of the day was awesome. We had two bars, although only got called for one. It was a great run though, and a great way to end the day.

The banquet was a bust. Seriously. :o) It sucked. But the company was good- our table was fun, and we mostly had a good time. :o)

Wish us luck tomorrow!