Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Training TroopTrial Results March 5-6

Cindy sent in about her great weekend......

SUNAR had a great weekend. She ran fast and was successful on her running contacts..........thanks to 'the bowling barkley' move. The 'barkley' still feels funny but was much more comfortable than at the trial at the Fesdome. All in all SUNAR came home with 3 Q's - 2 in Advanced Standard and 1 in Master Jumpers. She also obtained her Title in Advanced Standard so now we are onto our next adventure into the big scary Master Standard. A little scary but also very exciting.

What a great weekend, congratulations!

Jan & Dave had a good weekend as well......

STAR got her first Q ever in Starter's Standard. She had some great other runs, sticking her contacts and looking very happy. BB is on R&R just hanging out and looking cute.

PEARL had a Steeplechase Q. On Saturday she was rather tentative, but running with more speed on Sunday. She had a couple of clean runs but was too slow for Q's. Dave hopes having her cataract fixed on March 16th will give her a big boost of confidence and speed.

Congtratulations & Best of Luck with Pearls's eye surgery !

SNIPER had a great weekend...4 Q's... Advance Gambles Q (now moves up to Master Gambles), Steeplechase Q, and 2 Advance Standard Q's.
The above photo is of SNIPER at the trial, taken by Amanda.

Congratulations Deb!!!!

Roberta reports......

KARMA was entered into 3 events each day (2 standards and a jumpers on Saturday and 2 standards and a snooker on Sunday). We've moved up into the advanced level for everything except snooker, which is significantly harder than starters... ha ha ha. Which means that we only Q'd the one jumpers run. KARMA did really well though, she ran fast (for KARMA for the most part) and had fun which was our ultimate goal.

That is super Roberta, congratulations!!!

Andrea had a great weekend......

ANDRE did very well this weekend at Balzac, earned 3 Q's, which finished his ADC and Starter Game Dog titles. Best thing, though, was he worked with me, we were definitely a TEAM out there, and it was so much fun to run with him and trust that he's not going to shoot off somewhere and do his own thing. All his contacts were spot-on, even though I was releasing him early (I'll pay for that later, LOL). All his runs were very close, in his non-Q runs, it was only a bobble here or there, and of course, my fault. We had a blast!

Well done !!!!

Susan writes about her weekend......

JERRY had a wonderful weekend!
2 Q's in Advanced Gamblers and Standard!
A great Steeplechase run and good try's at the rest of his runs. We had a few weave issues and we definitely got snookered in Snooker, but had a great weekend overall.


Maureen wrote......

ESMAE got her 1st Starter's Gamblers Q !!!
MASSEY got her 2nd Snooker Q which moves her up to Advanced!

Whoo Hoo!!

Shauna & CHASE had a great weekend......

Chase and I had our best weekend ever!
While it may not have been with Qs...though we did get a first and Q in Master Jumpers and Master Snooker...we rocked the contacts! CHASE nailed 15 dog walk and A-frame contacts...yes 15, and yes I counted! Considering we usually missed them ALL, this was a huge deal for us!
So glad that our hard work is paying off, that I have great support, and friends who cheer us on!

Way to Go Shauna !!!

Just in from Sarah ! ......

KALEB was amazing this weekend!!!! It was my last hurrah before my knee surgery and I had a blast. KALEB was only 1 of 8 dogs (out of 60) to Qualify in Challenge and Masters Gamblers. He ran 4/4 (Masters Gamblers, Challenge, Masters Standard and Masters Jumpers), whatta guy. These next few months will be hard not running Agility, but I ended on a high note, so that makes me happy!! I also got to run Blue Eye Skye in Masters Jumpers, we Qd - she a gorgeous Tri BC girlie ... so much fun, and I miss running Gyp so much, this sure helped!

Congratulations Sarah, what a great weekend !!!