Wednesday, July 21, 2010

CKC Agility News!

It was a great weekend for the Go! Dog! Go! group who took part in the CKC Trials this past weekend.

Cindy and Sunar debuted in Intermedieate and brought home 2 JWW Qs and a Standard Q!

Kim and Bosley ran great in Excellent and brought home 2 JWW Qs - he was only one of 2 dogs to qualify in the tough Excellent JWW course! He also earned and a Standard Q.

Daryl and Betty came home with 6Qs! 2 standard 4 jww Q's earning both her Novice Titles! in Daryl's words .... Betty ROCKED.

Judy and Roxy also had a great weekend, earning both her Novice Titles too! She earned 5Qs all with 100's.

Julia and Mckeely ran also and had some nice runs!! Tea was in season and had to watch from the sidelines, but she'll be in the ring again soon!

Great job everyone!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Regionals Results

A few of us attended the AB/NWT Agility Regionals this weekend in Edmonton, we came home with lots of Ribbons and Hardware .... Our entire group brought home individual placements and we are excited to compete at Nationals in Spruce Meadows in August. We all made the Steeplechase finals too!

Jo & Tag - 1st Place 22" Regular
Sarah & Gyp - 1st Place 16" Specials, 2nd Place 16" Steeplechase Finals
Jan & BB - 4th Place 6" DD Vets
Dave & Pearl - 6th Place 10" Specials
Lynne & Lucy - 6th Place 22" Specials
Amanda & Wicca - 5th Place 6" Specials, 1st Place 6" Steeplechase Finals

Congrats to everyone! See you at Spruce Meadows!

Visit the Nationals site to learn more, and you might also want to Volunteer!