Monday, January 12, 2009

First Trial of the Year!

What a weekend at Training Troop!

Jan, Dave, Lynne, Jolayne, Sarah and Amanda made the trip to Calgary this weekend. Even though Jolayne, Sarah and Amanda (and 7 dogs) got stranded in Fort Macleod over night because the roads were so bad, we still go there on Saturday Morning :) READ ON AMANDA'S BLOG We missed gamblers, but managed to get there for the rest of the classes!

BB debuted as a Veteran and Qd in 3 of her runs! Qd in Steeplechase, Masters Standard and Masters Jumpers, way to go Jan and BB!

Pearl did great too! She Qd in Standard (her best run ever according to Dave!) and Masters Jumpers, she was really confident all weekend and Dave handled her great!

Lucy was a superstar! She got a Q in Advanced Gamblers, 2 Qs back to back in Advanced Standard to finish her AADC (Advanced Agility Dog Title)!!! She also Qd in Advanced Snooker! Way to go Lynne and Lucy!

Tag was great too, a real showstopper :) has anyone ever seen a dog jump OVER a 22" table without touching it? No one there had :) The judge wasn't even sure how to fault it!! Jo had some wonderful runs with him. Sunday morning Jo got sick, so Sarah stepped in and ran Tag in Steeplechase and he Q'd! With the second fastest time of all the dogs entered!! Jo and Tag were also chosen as the Judge's Choice Awesome Advanced Team for the weekend! Way to go guys!

Sarah had all three dogs entered:
Jane Qd in 3 of her 4 runs, Masters Standard, Masters Jumpers and Masters Snooker! She had a blast!

Gyppie Q in 5 of her 7 runs, she Qd in all three of her Masters Standard runs, as well as Masters Team (with Wicca) and Masters Snooker

Kaleb also Qd in 5 of his 7 runs, and it was his Veterans Debut too! He Qd in: Masters Standard, Masters Jumpers, Steeplechase, Masters Team and Masters Snooker, and with that he now has his Silver Award of Merit! He needed 4 games to get his SIlver, and he got them ALL this weekend, which was such a nice surprise! (Silver Award of Merit is 25 Masters Standards and 50 Masters Games) What a boy he is!! He is also the FIRST Flat-coated Retriever in Canada with this Title!

Amanda had Boone and Wicca entered:
Boone ran in 3 classes and he did great! Amanda was proud of his progress!

was awesome, he just had 5 faults in her standards and brought home a Q in Masters Team with the fastest time (with her partner Gyp), and an awesome Advanced Jumpers Run and 1st and Q, with a time 5 seconds faster than the 2 second place dog.