Sunday, November 28, 2010

Christmas Party

Friday night was the annual Go!Dog!Go! Christmas party. What a wonderful time we all had, there was lots of food, lots of laughs, & lots & lots of stealing !
We had a name the puppy contest & it was harder then I thought it would be. We all got together & helped each other out though, don't tell Sarah or Amanda !
The highlight though had to be the gift exchange. The rules allowed us to "steal" another gift if we chose to do so. It was all in fun & everyone were great sports, we must have learned that playing agility :))
All I can say is what a fantastic group of people we have in our club & I'm so grateful they are my friends.

Here are some pictures from the night......

The Food !!!......

Can you say yummy !!......

Trying to name the puppies......

Jolayne was not too happy that Kim stole her gift, do you think Kim cares !!......

Lynn does some stealing as well......

Julia enjoys the craziness!......

Roberta opens a gift......

We couldn't decide if this was an Aussie or a Bernese Mt. Dog, so we all decided it was a Bosley/Massey love child :))......

Lots of Laughs......

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Calgary Agility Trial

Results from the trial held in Calgary Nov 13, 14

Congratulations to Maureen & MASSEY who got their 1st 2 Q's !!!
Q in Starters Snooker
Q in Starters Jumpers

Kim & MAGGIE came home with a Q in Masters Snooker which gives Maggie her MASTER SNOOKER TITLE !!!
Congratulations !!!

Amanda trialed WICCA & PIXEL and received the following Q's:

2 Masters Gamble Q's, taking the Highest Overall Points on the first day with 122 points !!!
Q Masters Snooker
Q Masters Steeplechase

2 Q's in Advanced Standard giving her a new ADVANCED AGILITY DOG OF CANADA title !!!!!
Congratulations !!!
Q Masters Jumpers
Q Advanced Gamble

Lynne and Lucy had a GREAT weekend too! Lucy brought home 5 Masters Qs and 2 of those were in Masters Gamblers which she has been working so hard at! Way to go!

Jan and Dave also had a great weekend with Pearl and BB bringing home a few Qs too!

Catching Up

Hi everyone ! I have taken on the task of updating the blog for you!
Sarah actually compiled all of this info for me so this was pretty easy :)
Thanks Sarah !

GDG Trial - Aug 29/30
We had a great trial, over 70 Qs from our group! So many great Debuts! The list is too long to list all the Qs, but here are the titles earned:

TAG - Advanced Game Dog, Masters Gamblers Dog
LUCY - Masters Snooker Title
DEB - Masters Jumpers Dog
CHASE - Advanced Games Dog
PIXEL - Starters Game Dog
NIKKI - in her first trial moves up to Advanced Jumpers

Kimberley Trial - Sept 11/12
Go Dog Go brings home 42 Q's from this trial!! Here are the Titles earned:

KALEB - Expert Standard Gold, Expert Snooker Silver
TAG - Masters Steeplechase Dog
SNIPER- Starters Dog, Starters Game Dog
JOVI - Starters Dog
PIXEL - Starters Dog
KARMA - moves from Starters Jumpers and Gamblers to Advanced
SUNAR - moves to Master Jumpers

Medicine Hat - Sept 17/18
Go Dog Go brings home 46 Q's from Medicine Hat!

Here are the big titles earned:

KALEB- GOLD Award of Merit!! and Expert Silver Jumpers
PEARL - Masters Steeplechase Dog, Expert Bronze Snooker Dog, Versatility Bronze Award
TAG - Masters Snooker Dog
BOSLEY - Advanced Dog
KELSI - moves up to Masters Jumpers
SNIPER - moves to Masters Jumpers
ANDRE - moves to Advanced Jumpers and Gamblers
EPIC - moves to Advanced Snooker

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

AAC Nationals

OK, OK, I know I didn't update as promised!!!!

We were so busy it was impossible to update, you'd think having at National in our backyard, would make it easier, NOPE! Way more difficult! Serious lack of sleep going on! Jan & Dave were part of the Organizing Committee and Jolayne helped train Volunteers.

Here are some group shots! Everyone ran great and came home with ribbons!!! Over 640 dogs from Canada and the US ... it was truly amazing! Gorgeous venue, great Agility, what could be better?

Dave & Pearl, Jan & BB, Star who wanted to be in the photo, Lynne & Lucy, Jo & Tag, Sarah with K-man & Gyppie

I don't have all the specifics YET, but everyone earned a Top 10 placement in either Steeplechase or an Individual event, so nobody went home empty handed, which is wonderful!

Pearl (10" Specials) ran great! 3 Clean runs I think and 1 or 2 individual placements!

BB (6" DD Vets) came home with a couple placements too!!

Lucy (16" DD Vets), ran 3 Clean Runs and earned 1 or 2 Individual placements in Jumpers in a class of 56 dogs!

Tag (22" Reg), Ran wonderfully, only a bar in most runs, he also placed 7th/94 in his second Steeplechase run wow! He rocked his second Day gamble too!

Kaleb (16"DD Vet), Kaleb ran in the Pre-qualifier and ran 4/4 clean - he had enough points in 4 runs (410 points) and didn't have to run all 6 to get the points!! He competed in the big event over the weekend, knocked a bar in almost each run, but the clean run he had he eraned 9th/56 in his Standard. Whatta boy!

Gyp (16" Specials), Placed 3rd Overall!!! She had 4 class placements, 1 -1st Jumpers, 2 - 2nds Standard and Gamblers and a 3rd in Gamblers!

Great Job Go! Dog! Go! We are so proud of everyone!!!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

CKC Agility News!

It was a great weekend for the Go! Dog! Go! group who took part in the CKC Trials this past weekend.

Cindy and Sunar debuted in Intermedieate and brought home 2 JWW Qs and a Standard Q!

Kim and Bosley ran great in Excellent and brought home 2 JWW Qs - he was only one of 2 dogs to qualify in the tough Excellent JWW course! He also earned and a Standard Q.

Daryl and Betty came home with 6Qs! 2 standard 4 jww Q's earning both her Novice Titles! in Daryl's words .... Betty ROCKED.

Judy and Roxy also had a great weekend, earning both her Novice Titles too! She earned 5Qs all with 100's.

Julia and Mckeely ran also and had some nice runs!! Tea was in season and had to watch from the sidelines, but she'll be in the ring again soon!

Great job everyone!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Regionals Results

A few of us attended the AB/NWT Agility Regionals this weekend in Edmonton, we came home with lots of Ribbons and Hardware .... Our entire group brought home individual placements and we are excited to compete at Nationals in Spruce Meadows in August. We all made the Steeplechase finals too!

Jo & Tag - 1st Place 22" Regular
Sarah & Gyp - 1st Place 16" Specials, 2nd Place 16" Steeplechase Finals
Jan & BB - 4th Place 6" DD Vets
Dave & Pearl - 6th Place 10" Specials
Lynne & Lucy - 6th Place 22" Specials
Amanda & Wicca - 5th Place 6" Specials, 1st Place 6" Steeplechase Finals

Congrats to everyone! See you at Spruce Meadows!

Visit the Nationals site to learn more, and you might also want to Volunteer!

Thursday, June 10, 2010


Some random photos from our "Novice" Wednesday night class.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Flashing Canines Trial

*****I'm still waiting for a few details from some people, but thought I'd post it anyway- check back for final details*****

A whole group of us headed to Medicine Hat for the weekend. Despite less than ideal weather everyone had a spectacular weekend!

The weather was really awful and it rained continuously from 8 in the morning until well past bedtime on Saturday. Sunday was much better although windy and cold in the morning. Our big tent bit the dust on Saturday night, but we improvised and mostly everyone was able to squish in with Lynn and Ray.

On to the results!

Lucy had a good weekend and came home with one Q - Masters Jumpers; but several very near misses( time wise), and Lucy was running SO well!

Stoker achieved his MAD! (Masters Agility Dog) He had a fabulous weekend and came home with 4 Qs!!!!!
Sniper was a very good boy and had some really nice runs. He came home with 4 Qs!!! Standard, Jumpers, Gamblers and Snooker.
Nitro had his debut in Jumpers and entertained us all with his antics. Apparently no one has ever told him that jumping on the laps of the timer/scribe isn't really what agility is all about!

It was a great weekend from Shauna and Chase...4 Qs in one weekend is more than average. 2 in Steeple Chase, 1 in Advanced jumpers (which moved us up to Masters - Yikes!) and 1 in Advanced Gamblers. Just think what they could have done if they had contacts!!!!!!

Sarah and Gyp had an awesome weekend and ran 7 for 9. Gyp was ON, and Sarah had no problem with her new brace. She Q'd in All 3 Standards, Gamblers, both Jumpers and Steeplechase!
Kaleb also had a great weekend and was his normal goofy self. He didn't mind the rain at all, and in fact seemed to run faster! He Q'd in 4 out of 6 runs-a Standard (#48), Jumpers, Gamblers, and Steeplechase.

Kelsee and Toni had a good weekend too. Kelsee was a good girl and tried very hard to stay focused. Toni did a great job keeping her happy, and up.

The Berners also enjoyed the cool rainy weather- they weren't phased at all by the temperature or the rain! Maggie earned the last leg needed for her Advanced Agility Dog of Canada title! Bosley was a good boy and and got an Advanced Standard Q, and a Gamble Q!

Jolayne did an awesome job with Tag and earned the most Q's ever in one weekend.
Friday they had an amazing Master Challenge run with just one tiny hiccup.
They earned four q's- a masters standard, snooker, and jumpers Q on Saturday, and a Gambler Q on Sunday. This team has come a very, very long way.

Judy and Roxy had a really great weekend. Every run was great! She Q’d in Starters Standard, Snooker and Steeplechase and also Q’d in Jumpers.

Cindy and Sunar were superstars and came away with 4 Q's! A standard, snooker, jumpers, and a gamblers! Sunar earned her Agility Dog of Canada title, and her Starters Game Dog Title. Sunar is now in Advanced everything! Go Sunar!

Betty and Daryl did a great job. She even ran in the rain! She had a smoking fast jumpers run, and was the fastest in her class I believe! She also...

Julia and the Weim girls had a good weekend despite the weather. The girls did not appreciate the table that doubles as a puddle on saturday. They had great moments though
Tea Q'd in Starters Jumpers and Gambler. She held all her contacts on Sunday! Mckeely Q'd in Adv Jumpers. Very close in Gamblers with Amanda running her and it was fun to watch. Finished last run with no Q but she was happy!
GG the Cavalier ran in two events and didn't get a Q, but had a great time and managed to stay pretty focused! Lots if improvement!

Andrea had a good weekend with her two-
Charm had 3 qualifying runs, in Starters - 1 Standard, 1 Jumper, and 1 Gambler (88 points!!)
and Andre had 2 qualifying runs, in Starters - 1 Jumper, 1 Gambler, he was 'oh-so-close' in his second jumpers, until he was sent to the wrong tunnel mouth... :)

Amanda had a great weekend with her dogs. Pixel ran 4/4 and now moves to Advanced Jumpers! (eek!) Pretty amazing for her second ever "trial." Wicca was mostly a good girl and was not only listening but trying hard to keep the bars up. She came home with two Q's- Steeplechase, and Gamblers. Vito came out to play and had a great time. He didn't Q but came pretty close!.

That is *50+ Qualifying runs for Go Dog Go students in one weekend! Pretty cool eh?

Someone approached me this weekend and said that we must be doing something right.
I agree. Congrats to everyone on a great weekend!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Class Cancelled Mon. May 3

Due to the Wind Warnings the Teambuilding class is cancelled tonight, see you next week!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

PnE Weekend Results

A small group of us headed up for the Agility Trial this weekend, and what a great time.

One of the highlights was our now traditional pizza party and wine drinking extravaganza. 5 girls, 2 pizzas and 2 bottles of wine.

oh right, the agility results....

Debbie and Stoker ran great, and he earned 3 Q's :

- Master Gamble (WOW), Steeplechase and Master Standard.

- Sniper was entered in 3 games classes and wow, he is getting so focused, confident and FAST!!

Kim had a great weekend with her dogs (and a loaner dog)

- Maggie - Advanced Gamblers Q now moves to masters)! and an Advanced Standard Q

- Bosley - Starters Gamblers Q (moves to Advanced) and his Starters Game Dog Title!

- Kim stepped up to batfor Sarah and ran Gyp in Masters Jumpers and got a 1st and Q!

Cindy and Sunar ran great too, and just had a few faults here and there in there runs, but really well done!!

Judy and Roxy came up for one day and ran in 3 classes. Roxy was smokin fast and just had 5 faults in her runs, she is looking really good! And was sooo close to getting her Snooker!

Jo and Tag had a great weekend, they got their first Masters Challenge Q with a first place to boot! They also Q'd in Masters Snooker with time to spare! They had some wonderful runs and were recognized by the judge and chosen as Judges Choice for the weekend!

Sarah ran Gyp and Kaleb in a few classes.

- Gyp ran great, and Qd in Masters Gamblers, Steeplechase, Masters Standard and Challenge. And Jumpers with Kim!!

- Kaleb was feeling spunky and Qd in 2 of his 4 runs, Masters Standard and Masters Snooker.

Next up we have a one day trial at the end of the month!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

More Trial Results

Cindy, Jan and Dave headed up to Olds for the Cancer fundraiser One Day Trial this past weekend and they all had a great day!

Cindy and Sunar got their 2nd Starters Standard Q and their 2nd Starters Jumpers Q, and now move to Advanced WOW! Congrats!

Jan and BB rocked the Gamble with 58 opening points AND got the end Gamble Q on not an easy Gamble!! They also Qd in a hard Snooker course!

Dave and Pearl ran a clean Jumpers and Qd, and had a couple their nice runs but were just over time by a little bit, but he was happy with how she was running!

ALSO a few weeks ago Kim and Bosley finished their "Excellent Jumpers with Weaves" CKC Title and got a couple Excellent Standard Qs too boot! Way to go!

Great job Everyone!!! This weekend a few of us are off to the Paws N Effect Trial in Balzac, stay tuned for results!!

Friday, April 2, 2010

The Happy Dance...

is what we will all be doing this weekend after moving our equipment outside! Yay for Spring!

Classes are set to start the first week in May. We have a whole bunch of brand new teambuilding students, two very full Novice classes, and of course our Competition level classes....It's going to be a busy summer!!!!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Training Troop Results

It was a small contingent this time of Go Dog Go people but we all had a great time.

The biggest news of the weekend was that Sarah was able to run her dogs!!!! She even ran her dogs well enough to earn the second most important news of the weekend- Gyp earned her SILVER Award of Merit!!!! Woohooo! This is a HUGE deal and not many dogs get there. Huge congrats to sarah! Gyp also Q'd in two standard runs.

Kaleb earned a much needed Masters Gamblers Q, and was good boy in his other three runs.

Lucy had a great weekend too and earned a Masters Standard Q, and a Masters Snooker Q. She nearly had the gamble too (see video below)

Cindy did a great job with Sunar and is getting more and more confident. She earned a Starters Gamble Q- which puts her up to Advanced Gamblers at the next trial! And she earned another standard Q. She only needs one more for her Starters title!

Amanda's dogs were naughty. :o)

I still have to post the results from the January trial...and I will- everyone needs to send me their results again!

Friday, February 19, 2010


Marsha and Jovi

Daryl and Betty

Cindy and Sunar

Great Job you guys!!!!

thanks Kim for the videos!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Calgary Agility News

Baby Pike, Cindy's new addition.

Maggie celebrated her fifth birthday by moving to Veterans (16" jumps!!!!) and earned a Masters Snooker Q!!! Way to go Maggie!

Betty earned a Starters Snooker Q, and moved to Advanced Snooker on Sunday! She got her first Starters standard Q aswell. They also did a great job with the gamble on Saturday, but were short 4 points for the Q...

Sunar earned a Jumpers Q on Saturday, and had a beautiful Standard run on Sunday earning her frist Standard Q!!!

Jovi came just for the sunday and did a fabulous job! No Q's- but a great effort! Her weaves are amazing, and Marsha did a great job of handling her.

Betty, Sunar and Jovi are very new to trialing and are doing just great and we are so proud of them!

and the biggest surprise of all? Wicca earned not one, but TWO Snooker Q's! She went 4/5 this weekend which is very, very good for her.