Tuesday, April 6, 2010

More Trial Results

Cindy, Jan and Dave headed up to Olds for the Cancer fundraiser One Day Trial this past weekend and they all had a great day!

Cindy and Sunar got their 2nd Starters Standard Q and their 2nd Starters Jumpers Q, and now move to Advanced WOW! Congrats!

Jan and BB rocked the Gamble with 58 opening points AND got the end Gamble Q on not an easy Gamble!! They also Qd in a hard Snooker course!

Dave and Pearl ran a clean Jumpers and Qd, and had a couple their nice runs but were just over time by a little bit, but he was happy with how she was running!

ALSO a few weeks ago Kim and Bosley finished their "Excellent Jumpers with Weaves" CKC Title and got a couple Excellent Standard Qs too boot! Way to go!

Great job Everyone!!! This weekend a few of us are off to the Paws N Effect Trial in Balzac, stay tuned for results!!

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