Sunday, April 22, 2012

Chidren's Festival Fun!

Yesterday Go!Dog!Go! participated in the Children's Festival.
This year marks the 50th Anniversary of the Lethbridge Kennel club & the theme for the year is Dog Ownership & the many aspects involved. We all had such a great time, here are a few pictures from the day.....

Bosley helps bring the milk & cheese home from the market
On the way they find an injured dog, oh no!! we must get her to the vet!
They get to the vet in the knick of time!
Thank you Dr. Tammy :)
Lupine & Bosley are excited to have found a giant Fire Hydrant!
Pretty McKeely likes the Fire Hyrant too
Cava gives everyone a break & looks after the information booth
Buzz enjoys the attention while being groomed
Lupine with her pink ball
Aislyn did a great job of handling Gyp......

 Lots more pictures to come !

Monday, April 16, 2012

Weekend News

For the first time GO!DOG!GO! students were at different Agility trials! Some travelled to Calgary & the others to Medicine Hat.

Here are reports that have come in so far......

Deb's NITRO brought home a Q in Advanced Gamblers!

Judy is excited to report that KONA got a Q in Starters Gamblers which moves her into Advanced !!

Lynn was in Medicine Hat with LUCY & SOPHIE.
LUCY came home with 2 Q's 1 in Masters Standard & 1 in Masters Snooker
SOPHIE had 3 Q's. 2 in Advanced Jumpers & 1 in Advanced Snooker

Jolene's KORT came home with 2 Q's. His 1st Starters Jumpers Q & a Starters Snooker Q, which moves him into Advanced Snooker! Both were with 1st placements in class.