Monday, April 16, 2012

Weekend News

For the first time GO!DOG!GO! students were at different Agility trials! Some travelled to Calgary & the others to Medicine Hat.

Here are reports that have come in so far......

Deb's NITRO brought home a Q in Advanced Gamblers!

Judy is excited to report that KONA got a Q in Starters Gamblers which moves her into Advanced !!

Lynn was in Medicine Hat with LUCY & SOPHIE.
LUCY came home with 2 Q's 1 in Masters Standard & 1 in Masters Snooker
SOPHIE had 3 Q's. 2 in Advanced Jumpers & 1 in Advanced Snooker

Jolene's KORT came home with 2 Q's. His 1st Starters Jumpers Q & a Starters Snooker Q, which moves him into Advanced Snooker! Both were with 1st placements in class.

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