Thursday, May 31, 2012

Regionals !!!!!

Go!Dog!Go! wishes everyone competeing in this years Regionals GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!

Monday, May 21, 2012

2x4 Agility Trial Results

Beware of weekend trials , this too could happen to you :)
Aislyn & Sarah take a nap :)

Go!Dog!Go! was at the 2x4 trials this past weekend, here are some of the results......

Tammy reports that TAYLOR got a Q in Advanced Gamblers which gave her her ADVANCED GAMES DOG TITLE !!

Deb & NITRO were smokin! NITRO earned 6 Q's. 2 Advanced Jumpers, 2 Advanced Gamblers & 2 Starters Standards giving him his AGILITY DOG OF CANADA TITLE!!

Lynn had a great weekend with LUCY getting 4 Q's, 3 Master Standard Q's & 1 Master Gambler Q
SOPHIE came home with 1 Advanced Standard Q

Jolene & KORT had a great weekend as well. KORT came home with 4 Q's, 2 Starters Standard Q's, giving him his AGILITY DOG OF CANADA TITLE !! , &  1 Starters Gamblers & 1 Starters Jumpers Q which finished his STARTERS GAMES DOG OF CANADA TITLE !!