Thursday, September 25, 2008

Last Chance Fun Match!

Go! Dog! Go!
Last Chance for Outdoor Fun, Fun Match
Sunday October 5th
At Bogdan's (Highway 3 on the way to Lethbridge - email me for directions)

** If you are planning on attending, please email me, so we can get an idea of numbers
For some of you this will be your first Fun Match how exciting!! Monday classes you know who you are :)
9:30am Registration
9:45 Walk Through
10:00 First Dog on the line, we will start with Adv/Masters for each class.

Standard Course
There will be two courses set up, one for Starters (with a weave pole option) and one for Advanced/Masters
There will be two courses set up, one for Starters and one for Advanced/Masters

Cost $5 for two runs, per dog (you may run both levels)
Treats and toys may be used on course - this is a fun match afterall! All dogs must be crated or benched in a vehicle, you may bring a shade tent, no concession available, please bring water for your dog and a lunch and snacks for yourself!!!
PRIZES for top dogs in each class!!!

** Even if your dog isn't ready to run in the Fun Match, come out and cheer the dogs on!!!!! **

For more info call Sarah at 327-6499 or Amanda at 330-5370

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Flashing K-9's Agility Trial

We all had a great time in Medicine Hat this past weekend- and Go Dog Go kicked some serious butt :o)

Maggie - Had an amazing weekend- she earned her Starters Jumpers Q and her Starters Game Dog Title, and an Advanced Snooker Q! We've discovered that Maggie runs best when wet :o)

Tag - Had a stellar weekend and was calm (well as calm as Tag can be) and controlled (se previous brackets) Just 5 and 10 faults in his standards and the fastest time in Starters Jumpers - had a bar down for 5 faults, he was awesome all

Pearl - a Q in Masters Standard and Masters Jumpers. She had a great Steeplechase run aswell- Dave was running faster than I've seen in a long time!

BB - was feeling great all weekend and Qd in Masters Snooker. She had great weaves and had a nice jumpers round as well.

Kaleb ran in 6 and Qd in 5, Masters Standard it was his 25th!!!
Master Jumpers, Masters Gamblers, Masters Team and Masters Snooker,
he ran great! Kaleb was feeling great- and didn't knock a bar all weekend- and wasn't even a diva in the morning!

Gyp - Qd in Masters Jumpers with the fastest time, Masters Gamblers,
Steeplechase - with the fastest time, Masters Team - for her Team
Title!, and Masters Snooker - and her Snooker Title, Masters Games
Title and her SATCHC! Specials Aglity Trial Champion of Canada

Woohooo Gyppie and Sarah! She sure has come a long way fast!

Boone - earned his starters team Q (paired with another pyr shep named Cheetah)and had an awesome standard, he ran great and is getting better and better each trial.

Wicca -earned her first Masters Standard Q - with the fastest time overall (beating those border collies)! She also managed to earn yet another Masters Gamble Q- she had to be pulled from the trial when she started limping after hurling herself around a jumpers course.

The next trial is a one day event in Calgary- this will be Coulee's first trial away from home, and Vito's debut!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Kimberley and Saskatoon News!

Kim, Maggie and Bosley had a fantastic trip to their Bernese National Specialty in Saskatoon!

Maggie finsihed her Novice CKC Agility Title, she got a Q in Advanced Jumpers with Weaves and a Q in Advaned Rally.

Bosley was entered in his first 3 Novice Obedience runs and finished his CD in those three runs! With a HIGH in CLASS, HIGH BERNESE in SPECIALTY and YOUNGEST DOG ENTERED! He also got Best of Oppisite in the Altered Conformation Class and a Q in Advanced Rally too!

You can read more on her Blog:

KIMBERLEY B.C. Agility Trial:
We had a great time and all of the dogs did awesome! Such a beautiful venue, we hope more of the group goes next year!
Gyp, Lucy and Wicca take some time to show you how pretty the fall colours are.

- Jazmin got her second Masters Standard Q and a Q in Advanced Team with Lucy! She was entered in 5 runs and did great in all of them!

- Lucy and Lynne had a great weekend! Lucy brought home Qs in Advanced Team, Advanced Standard and Starters Snooker - to finish her STARTERS GAME DOG TITLE, and Lucy was also chosen for the Judge's Choice Award!
The "Kimberley's" in Kimberley!

- BB had some really nice runs and ran great ALL weekend, she brought home a Q in Masters Jumpers with SMOKIN fast run!

- Pearl had some nice runs too and kept her confidence up all weekend!

- Boone was happy, happy, happy in the 5 runs he was entered in and Amanda was thrilled with his efforts!

- Wicca had a a stellar weekend and brought home 4 Q's: Masters Snooker!! Steeplechase, Masters Team (with Gyppie) and got the last Q for her Advanced Standard Title!!

- Gyppie ran great too and brought home 4 Qs and finished 2 titles also this weekend: Masters Gamblers Dog and Masters Agility Dog of Canada (MAD), she alsoo Qd in Masters Team and Masters Jumpers

- Kaleb Qd in 4 of his 6 runs and ran great all weekend too: Masters Gamblers, Masters Standard, Masters Team and Masters Jumpers.

Our next trial is in 2 weeks in Medicine Hat, stay tuned!