Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Weekend Agility News

Medicine Hat Trial May Long Weekend:

Lucy and Lynne had a wonderful weekend!

- 1st andQ in Masters Standard
- Steeplechase Q
- and 2 Q's in Advanced snooker
and Lucys Advanced Games Dog of Canada Title! Congrats!

Jolayne and Tag

- Q'd in Adv Standard 1, 1st Place

- Q in  Adv Standard 2, 1st Place

 with those 2 Q's, Tag got his Advanced Agility Dog of Canada Title!

Jan and BB brought home a couple Q's: Steeplechase and Standard 

Pearl got a bug bite on her nose, and had to watch from the sidelines for most of the weekend, but she is recovering and will be back at it soon!

Amanda and Wicca had a perfect gamble! 116 Points, the most points in Masters!

Amanda and Boone got a Q in Starters Snooker

Sarah and Gyp 1st and Q'd in Masters Standard 1 & 2, Snooker and Steeplechase

Sarah and Kaleb Q'd in Masters Standard, Snooker x 2, Steeplechase and Jumpers

- - - - - - - - - - - -

Paws N Effect Trial April:

Jan and BB got a standard, snooker and steeplechase. 
Pearl wasn't feeling her best but had a really nice jumpers round over the weekend

Stoker and Debbie had an awesome weekend:

-  2  Advance Standards Qs -and his AADC Title!

- Advance Snooker Q - finished the entire run - 54 points!!

- Advance Jumpers Q

-  2  Steeplechase Qs!

Sarah and her gang went up for the day:

- Gyp 1st and Qd in Masters Standard, Steeplechase

- Kaleb 1st and Qd in Masters Standard and Snooker

- Jane Qd in Steeplechase and Snooker

Lynne and Lucy Qd in Steeplechase and Masters Jumpers

Jolayne and Tag placed 1st and Qd in Starters Jumpers and Snooker