Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Weekend Agility News!

Training Troop hosted their March St. Patty's Day trial this past weekend, here are the results:

BB went MAD this weekend (Masters Agility Dog of Canada Title)!!! And then added another Standard Q! She is loving running in the Vet class!! Congrats BB and Jan! Despite Jan taking a fall on the ice, she pulled through and didn't show her pain while running BB!

Pearl got Masters Standard, Steeplechase and Snooker Qs. They had some other great runs too! Congrats Dave and Pearl! Dave was really proud of her progress with the ring crew too!

Boone just keeps getting better! He got his second Starters Standard Q, and also got a 1st and Q in Advanced Jumpers! Amanda is really proud of his progress!

Wicca got four Q's and four 1sts in her height class: Standard, Gamblers, Team Steeplechase. She ran great all weekend, and only had 2 bars down!

Gyppie also came home with 4 Qs and four 1sts in her class: Gamblers, Team, Jumpers, and Snooker. 

Kaleb thinks being a Veteran rocks! He came home with 7Qs in 8 classes. Master Standard 1 & 3, Gamblers, Steeplechase, Jumpers, Team, and Snooker. What a good boy! He also broke 100 Qs in AAC this weekend to top it off!