Tuesday, April 13, 2010

PnE Weekend Results

A small group of us headed up for the Agility Trial this weekend, and what a great time.

One of the highlights was our now traditional pizza party and wine drinking extravaganza. 5 girls, 2 pizzas and 2 bottles of wine.

oh right, the agility results....

Debbie and Stoker ran great, and he earned 3 Q's :

- Master Gamble (WOW), Steeplechase and Master Standard.

- Sniper was entered in 3 games classes and wow, he is getting so focused, confident and FAST!!

Kim had a great weekend with her dogs (and a loaner dog)

- Maggie - Advanced Gamblers Q now moves to masters)! and an Advanced Standard Q

- Bosley - Starters Gamblers Q (moves to Advanced) and his Starters Game Dog Title!

- Kim stepped up to batfor Sarah and ran Gyp in Masters Jumpers and got a 1st and Q!

Cindy and Sunar ran great too, and just had a few faults here and there in there runs, but really well done!!

Judy and Roxy came up for one day and ran in 3 classes. Roxy was smokin fast and just had 5 faults in her runs, she is looking really good! And was sooo close to getting her Snooker!

Jo and Tag had a great weekend, they got their first Masters Challenge Q with a first place to boot! They also Q'd in Masters Snooker with time to spare! They had some wonderful runs and were recognized by the judge and chosen as Judges Choice for the weekend!

Sarah ran Gyp and Kaleb in a few classes.

- Gyp ran great, and Qd in Masters Gamblers, Steeplechase, Masters Standard and Challenge. And Jumpers with Kim!!

- Kaleb was feeling spunky and Qd in 2 of his 4 runs, Masters Standard and Masters Snooker.

Next up we have a one day trial at the end of the month!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

More Trial Results

Cindy, Jan and Dave headed up to Olds for the Cancer fundraiser One Day Trial this past weekend and they all had a great day!

Cindy and Sunar got their 2nd Starters Standard Q and their 2nd Starters Jumpers Q, and now move to Advanced WOW! Congrats!

Jan and BB rocked the Gamble with 58 opening points AND got the end Gamble Q on not an easy Gamble!! They also Qd in a hard Snooker course!

Dave and Pearl ran a clean Jumpers and Qd, and had a couple their nice runs but were just over time by a little bit, but he was happy with how she was running!

ALSO a few weeks ago Kim and Bosley finished their "Excellent Jumpers with Weaves" CKC Title and got a couple Excellent Standard Qs too boot! Way to go!

Great job Everyone!!! This weekend a few of us are off to the Paws N Effect Trial in Balzac, stay tuned for results!!

Friday, April 2, 2010

The Happy Dance...

is what we will all be doing this weekend after moving our equipment outside! Yay for Spring!

Classes are set to start the first week in May. We have a whole bunch of brand new teambuilding students, two very full Novice classes, and of course our Competition level classes....It's going to be a busy summer!!!!