Sunday, January 22, 2012

Gone Too Soon :(

Go!Dog!Go! has lost another of our own :(
We would like to extend our deepest sympathy to Jolayne, Aaron & Aislyn on the loss of Tag just yesterday.
He was one hell of a dog Jo & we will all miss him so very much.

Jo will hold you close within her heart
And there you will remain
To walk with her throughout her life
Until you meet again

Rest In Peace TAG

Monday, January 16, 2012

Training Troop Results!!

Just in from Amanda......
IZZIE ran well all weekend and even though she only Q'd one run out of three, it was the last Q she needed for her AGILITY DOG OF CANADA TITLE!!
Way to Go!!

I also heard from Roberta......
It occurs to me that I am tardy in providing you with KARMAS update from the trial this weekend.
No Q's for us, but a good experience none the less. KARMA and I ran our very first challenge course in a trial last weekend, and did it clean! way over time (9.75 sec), ha ha ha, but without any off-courses or any equipment faults. So we will consider this a success.
KARMA was feeling off though on Saturday, and she seemed to have sore shoulders, so I pulled her on Sunday after the steeplechase run and I have been trying to give her a bit of a rest since then.
I hope that helps
Feel better soon KARMA !!!

Julia reports......
MCKEELEY got a Q in Steeplechase.
TEA did awesome and got a Steeplechase Q and another Starters Standard which was her ADC title!! She had a great weekend going 5 out of 7 runs , on Saturday she got 2 Starters Standard Q’s and an Advanced Jumpers Q...
GG had an awesome run and her first agility Q in Starters Standard. So proud of the little squirrel, all her runs were great, focused and working hard : ) GG also won the JUDGES CHOICE AWARD for Starters!! Very proud

Lynn reports......
SOPHIE had 2 Q's out of 4 runs, both in Starters Standard.........AND she got her ADC Title after the first run, so second Q was a bonus!!
I was really pleased with her other 2 runs as well, she is coming along really well !!!
LUCY ran in three runs, with minor errors......even came close in a very difficult had 5 Q's in @ 80 runs!!!