Sunday, June 17, 2012

Something Different, but no less awesome!

Sarah and Amanda headed to Okotoks this weekend for a CKC Herding trial. This was their very first venture into Herding trials and what a great weekend they had!!!

Both Gyp and Brit came home with their Herding Started titles!!!

Gyp earned 3 High in Trials and one 4th place. She kept her cool, calm head and was just a great girl all weekend. Sarah is very proud of her little dog!

Brit earned 1 High in Trial, and three Reserve High in Trials. She was a little zippy at times, but Amanda kept her cool and managed to get her sheep around the course. ;)

What a great accomplishment!!! Congratulations!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Regionals Results!

Regionals is over and what a great weekend!!
Thank you Flashing Canines for a smooth running and FUN event!! Congrats to everyone!!

Kaleb 2nd place 16"DD vets
Pearl 4th place 10" vets
Sunar 3rd place 6" vets
Flash 9th place 16" regular

and to the other qualifiers...
Taylor 16" specials
Swift 22" regular
Marco 10" DD Veterans

Our groups support and team spirit is just amazing! There were a lot of spectacular runs over the weekend- and we are just so proud of you all!!!

Thank you to Amanda S, Debbie and Jolene for volunteering all weekend.
And to Jolayne and Paula for taking care of all of us!!

Go! Dog! Go!