Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Still More!, Feb 12-13 2011

Jan wrote to tell me that BB got her Master's Snooker Q with Dave running her....
Jan took BB in for her Master's Standard Q, as well as for the Master's Gamblers Q that gave BB the ATChC as well as her BRONZE AWARD OF MERIT !!!!!!!
Pearl was having an off weekend & didn't pick up any Q's, next time!!
What an awesome weekend guys :)

Shauna also wrote to brag about CHASE....
He Q'd in Steeplechase on Sat. & then as Shauna puts it, "praise-be-to-dog" !...he finally got his last Starter's Standard Q!!!!
Whoo Hoo!!!

I also received this news from Cindy......
SUNAR had a really good weekend. We haven't trialed since mid September 2010 so I was very pleased. We have been training running contacts but have had trouble with her bailing off. Recently at training we started to tell her on the descent of a contact to 'Get it' and at the same time throw a container of food in front of her on the ground so that she would drive down to get the food instead of bailing off at the top of the contact. The funny thing about throwing the food is that the movement for me is much like bowling (rather odd), so has since been given the name' The Bowling Barkley Move'. Anyway, we managed to get 3 Q's out of 7 classes, with all of the other runs being run with good speed and no missed contacts, just little handling mistakes.
Q's in the following:
Advanced Standard 1
Advanced Standard 2
Advanced Gamblers
Congratulations !!!!!

Monday, February 14, 2011

More Results, Feb 12-13 2011

I have more results from this weekends trial......

My apologies to Lynn & LUCY for forgetting to post that LUCY also received another Master's Standard Q on Sunday as well !!

Susan writes that JERRY got a Q in Starters Jumpers on Sat. which moved him up to Advanced!
Then a Q in Starters Gamblers moving him into Advanced there as well....
This also gave him his ADC title !!
Way to go Susan & JERRY !!!!!

Jenilee & NEENA entered 2 runs. They Q'd in Starters Jumpers on Sat. only to realize they should have been in Advanced, oopsy !
They have both been working so hard on gaining confidence & facing their fears & are becoming quite the team for sure !
Congratulations you two !!!!

Roberta & KARMA had a great weekend as well.
They entered all the events & came home with a Q in Advanced Gamblers & 2 Starters Standard Q's giving KARMA her ADC title as well!!!
Whoo Hoo !!!!

Daryl reports that BETTY ran very well this weekend & Q'd in Advanced Snooker!
Way to go BETTY!!

Go!Dog!Go! rocks !!!!
Congratulations to everyone on such a fantastic weekend !

Results Feb 12-13 2011

I would personally like to congratulate Jan & BB on their ATChC title this weekend ! What an awesome accomplishment, Way To Go !!!!!

As usual the Go!Dog!Go! gang did well & came home sporting many Q's as well as new titles :)

Here are the results......

Maureen headed out with Massey & Esmae......

MASSEY got her very first Starters Standard Q !
ESMAE in her very first trial came home with a Starters Standard Q
Starters Jumpers Q

Maureen says they were both very focused & had alot of fun , way to go Maureen , Massey & Esmae !!!

Amanda reports that WICCA gained another Masters Gamblers Q & PIXEL got an Advanced Snooker Q, a Masters Standard Q, & a Masters Jumpers Q giving her her MASTER'S JUMPERS TITLE!!!!
Whoo hoo!!!!

Kim & BOSLEY picked up their last Advanced Snooker Q to move on to Masters Snooker !
Congratulations Kim & BOSLEY !!!!!

Debbie & SNIPER had a great weekend as well.
Sniper earned a Q in both Gamblers & Advanced Snooker. In SNIPER'S Snooker run he scored 57 points out of a possible 59!!! How's that for awesome !!!! Congratulations!

Sarah & the K Man rocked too :)
KALEB ran in all 7 runs, coming home with 5 Q's along with a couple of 1st places in a class of 12! Not bad for the old man huh :) !!!
His Q's were in Gamblers, Jumpers, Steeplechase & Snooker.

Jolayne & TAG came home with a 1st place in class & a Q in Jumpers, as well as a Q in Gamblers on the Sat. Sarah had the pleasure of running TAG in Steeplechase & they came away with a Q as well!
On Sun. even though TAG was limping he still managed to enter the ring on 2 legs :)), so the Gamblers run will be left to your imaginations !

Last but not least Lynn writes that on Sat. LUCY got Q's in Masters Steeplechase & Masters Standard.
This was LUCY'S 10th Master's Standard Q earning her her EXPERT STANDARD BRONZE title !!!
Congratulations Lynn & Lucy !!!!!!
On Sun. LUCY earned another Q in Master's Snooker.
Lynn would like to send special congratulations to Jan & BB for their wonderful accomplishment this weekend as well!

Here is a video for you all to enjoy from the weekend ......

Sunday, February 13, 2011


Jan and BB are one of those teams that are a joy to watch. They are so well matched, and in tune with one another. It has been a long journey for them and lots of work has gone into creating the team they are now.

It is pretty incredible to watch them now and know where they started. BB was Jan's first agility dog and they learned about handling, and distance, and directionals, and all that stuff together. They have worked hard and have not only proved that practice makes perfect, but also that if you put your mind to something you can do it.

BB has been plagued with a shoulder injury off and on over the past few years which has made things difficult. There was a time when we weren't sure if she would run again. Jan also has had her own problems (damn those knees!), and they have overcome that to be back in the ring having a great time.

They earned their last needed Gamble Q on a tough course- Jan had to send BB over the dogwalk TWICE! in the mini, and then a tough closing gamble aswell. It was a fantastic run and gave me goosebumps. Our whole group erupted in cheers and celebration. It was pretty awesome.

We are so lucky to have such awesome students like Jan and BB. We are incredibly proud of their success. They are the perfect example of what Go Dog Go strives for. No matter the challenge- work hard, open your mind,  and success will be yours.

Congratulations Jan. :)

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Whoopin' it up in 2011!

Go! Dog! Go! will be performing at Whoop Up Days August 23rd - 27th, 2011, 2 shows daily and 3 on Saturday. We have fun events planned from Agility, to Disc demos, Freestyle, Carting and some other surprises!

Also ... look for us in the Parade again!

If you would like more information, email Sarah or Amanda for more info.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A Great Seminar

Gyp wants to thank Terry Simons & everyone that came to the seminar!!!!
She also says that next time she will be able run so she doesn't have to wear her sweater to keep warm :)