Monday, February 14, 2011

More Results, Feb 12-13 2011

I have more results from this weekends trial......

My apologies to Lynn & LUCY for forgetting to post that LUCY also received another Master's Standard Q on Sunday as well !!

Susan writes that JERRY got a Q in Starters Jumpers on Sat. which moved him up to Advanced!
Then a Q in Starters Gamblers moving him into Advanced there as well....
This also gave him his ADC title !!
Way to go Susan & JERRY !!!!!

Jenilee & NEENA entered 2 runs. They Q'd in Starters Jumpers on Sat. only to realize they should have been in Advanced, oopsy !
They have both been working so hard on gaining confidence & facing their fears & are becoming quite the team for sure !
Congratulations you two !!!!

Roberta & KARMA had a great weekend as well.
They entered all the events & came home with a Q in Advanced Gamblers & 2 Starters Standard Q's giving KARMA her ADC title as well!!!
Whoo Hoo !!!!

Daryl reports that BETTY ran very well this weekend & Q'd in Advanced Snooker!
Way to go BETTY!!

Go!Dog!Go! rocks !!!!
Congratulations to everyone on such a fantastic weekend !

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