Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Still More!, Feb 12-13 2011

Jan wrote to tell me that BB got her Master's Snooker Q with Dave running her....
Jan took BB in for her Master's Standard Q, as well as for the Master's Gamblers Q that gave BB the ATChC as well as her BRONZE AWARD OF MERIT !!!!!!!
Pearl was having an off weekend & didn't pick up any Q's, next time!!
What an awesome weekend guys :)

Shauna also wrote to brag about CHASE....
He Q'd in Steeplechase on Sat. & then as Shauna puts it, "praise-be-to-dog" !...he finally got his last Starter's Standard Q!!!!
Whoo Hoo!!!

I also received this news from Cindy......
SUNAR had a really good weekend. We haven't trialed since mid September 2010 so I was very pleased. We have been training running contacts but have had trouble with her bailing off. Recently at training we started to tell her on the descent of a contact to 'Get it' and at the same time throw a container of food in front of her on the ground so that she would drive down to get the food instead of bailing off at the top of the contact. The funny thing about throwing the food is that the movement for me is much like bowling (rather odd), so has since been given the name' The Bowling Barkley Move'. Anyway, we managed to get 3 Q's out of 7 classes, with all of the other runs being run with good speed and no missed contacts, just little handling mistakes.
Q's in the following:
Advanced Standard 1
Advanced Standard 2
Advanced Gamblers
Congratulations !!!!!

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