Saturday, October 25, 2008

Halloween... Go Dog Go Style

It was a great day, lots of fun costumes and games! Thanks to everyone who came and participated and hung out for lunch and the games! And thanks to our 2 special judges!

Sarah, as Dorothy - and the Gang, and Jazmin posing as Kaleb :)

Atty the DIVA, pearls and all!

Roxy the little devil, too cute!

Lucy was less than impressed with her costume, but she did carry her own cauldron for her treats :), and Skid (below) was rather inthralled with her.

Skid in his SCARIEST COSTUME - as a MUMMY, as chosen by our two special guest Judges

Jane, the tin man in her home-made costume - the things you can do with a shoe box and tin foil ...

I think Tea just saw her reflection in the mirror, much to her dismay, she was a POODLE!

Duke was cute as a pony and Kayley was his cowgirl! Too sweet!

Bosley the pumpkin head!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Training Troop results

Training Troop puts a great trial a ton of runs and we were done at 6:30 on Saturday and 4:30 on Sunday, it was great!

Wendy and Coulee made the trip and Coulee Qd in Starters Jumpers and had some really nice handling moments by Wendy, they are really coming together as a team. Coulee got better and better as the weekend went on!

BB had some nice runs and Jan was happy with the challenges on course she was able to try. She was spunky for most of the weekend and jan did a great job handling her on some tough courses!

Pearl Qd in Masters Standard and had a huge improvement in her weaves this weekend and some nice handling moments by Dave. Dave won the Masters award for his memorable fall with BB coming over the finish line, we were glad he wasn't hurt - but we still laughed :)

Jolayne and Tag had an amazing weekend and brought home 4 Qs! Tag Q'd in all Standards! 2 Starters Standard on Saturday for his Starters Title - ADC, and moved up to Advanced on Sunday and Qd in his first time in Advanced! He also go his first Q in Steeplechase, placing 6th in a class of 20! What a team, he was controlled at 100mph and Jolayne did a great job handling in her runs.

Boone and Amanda had a great weekend, Boone was entered in 4 runs and Qd in Advanced Gamblers and Starters Standard. He was happy all weekend in all of his runs and has made huge improvements in the areas Amanda has been working on. 

Sarah had Jane entered in 5 runs and she Qd in all of her 3 Masters Standard runs. She got freaked out by something in Steeplechase and I didn't know at the time if it was physical so we left the ring and it took a while to get her back to normal, she seemed fine physically, and she ended on a good note and ran her last Standard in jane style!!! So I was glad whatever bothered her she was able to overcome.

Sarah and Kaleb had a great weekend, K was entered in 6 runs and brought home 4Qs. He Qd in Masters Standard x 2 and got another Team Q and a Snooker Q, he was spunky all weekend and handled well too!!

Sarah and Gyppie had fun too! Gyp didn't lose confidence all weekend - even when Sarah had a couple bad handling moments ugh! Gyp just went with it. She brought home 3Qs and firsts places: Masters Standard, Steeplechase and Jumpers. She had some other great runs and I was able to challenge and test our skills and I was thrilled about that!

Congrats everyone!

Friday, October 10, 2008

agility art

made at

Monday, October 6, 2008

ghosts and ghouls....

ghosts and ghouls party
Saturday October 25th
1pm - 3pm
at Paws on the Run- 242 12 st N, Lethbridge
RSVP by October 20th
Schedule of "ghoulish" Events
1pm potluck lunch - please bring a potluck item (dessert and DRINKS will be supplied)
followed by a good game of ....
wiener dunking
who will be the champion? Will the terriers prevail?
barrel racing - no, we don't ride the dogs, but it is just as fun, and timed!
costume contest - It's Halloween afterall!!
PRIZES!! for the best costumes!
as always: bring a crate and water for you dog and all that good stuff!!
And for anyone want to join us we are having a meeting about the 2009 Regionals from 3-4