Monday, February 13, 2012

Calgary Trial Results

the Results are coming in...

Susan wrote to tell me that JERRY got his first ever Masters Snooker Q !

Kim is thrilled to report that BOSLEY Q's in Masters Standard & went MAD this weekend !!!!
He also brought home Q's in Masters Gamblers, Snooker & Jumpers!

Toni reports that WALKER picked up a Starters Snooker Q which gave him his STARTER'S GAMES DOG TITLE !
Way to go!!!

Jan & Dave are thrilled to death that BB earned her SILVER AWARD OF MERIT !!! That is 25 Masters Standard Q's & 50 Masters Games Q's!!
Jolayne ran BB for the last leg which gave her the title but most of the Q's were under the able handling of Dave.

Andrea had a great weekend...
ANDRE earned a Q in Advanced Snooker which moved him into Masters, he also Q'd twice in Advanced Gamblers.
CHARM got her last Starters Snooker leg to give her the STARTER'S GAMES DOG TITLE! She also Q'd in Advanced Snooker, Advanced Standard & got 2 Q's in Advanced Gamblers which means she is now in Masters!!
Congratulations !!!