Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Flashing K-9's Agility Trial

We all had a great time in Medicine Hat this past weekend- and Go Dog Go kicked some serious butt :o)

Maggie - Had an amazing weekend- she earned her Starters Jumpers Q and her Starters Game Dog Title, and an Advanced Snooker Q! We've discovered that Maggie runs best when wet :o)

Tag - Had a stellar weekend and was calm (well as calm as Tag can be) and controlled (se previous brackets) Just 5 and 10 faults in his standards and the fastest time in Starters Jumpers - had a bar down for 5 faults, he was awesome all

Pearl - a Q in Masters Standard and Masters Jumpers. She had a great Steeplechase run aswell- Dave was running faster than I've seen in a long time!

BB - was feeling great all weekend and Qd in Masters Snooker. She had great weaves and had a nice jumpers round as well.

Kaleb ran in 6 and Qd in 5, Masters Standard it was his 25th!!!
Master Jumpers, Masters Gamblers, Masters Team and Masters Snooker,
he ran great! Kaleb was feeling great- and didn't knock a bar all weekend- and wasn't even a diva in the morning!

Gyp - Qd in Masters Jumpers with the fastest time, Masters Gamblers,
Steeplechase - with the fastest time, Masters Team - for her Team
Title!, and Masters Snooker - and her Snooker Title, Masters Games
Title and her SATCHC! Specials Aglity Trial Champion of Canada

Woohooo Gyppie and Sarah! She sure has come a long way fast!

Boone - earned his starters team Q (paired with another pyr shep named Cheetah)and had an awesome standard, he ran great and is getting better and better each trial.

Wicca -earned her first Masters Standard Q - with the fastest time overall (beating those border collies)! She also managed to earn yet another Masters Gamble Q- she had to be pulled from the trial when she started limping after hurling herself around a jumpers course.

The next trial is a one day event in Calgary- this will be Coulee's first trial away from home, and Vito's debut!

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