Sunday, May 23, 2010

Flashing Canines Trial

*****I'm still waiting for a few details from some people, but thought I'd post it anyway- check back for final details*****

A whole group of us headed to Medicine Hat for the weekend. Despite less than ideal weather everyone had a spectacular weekend!

The weather was really awful and it rained continuously from 8 in the morning until well past bedtime on Saturday. Sunday was much better although windy and cold in the morning. Our big tent bit the dust on Saturday night, but we improvised and mostly everyone was able to squish in with Lynn and Ray.

On to the results!

Lucy had a good weekend and came home with one Q - Masters Jumpers; but several very near misses( time wise), and Lucy was running SO well!

Stoker achieved his MAD! (Masters Agility Dog) He had a fabulous weekend and came home with 4 Qs!!!!!
Sniper was a very good boy and had some really nice runs. He came home with 4 Qs!!! Standard, Jumpers, Gamblers and Snooker.
Nitro had his debut in Jumpers and entertained us all with his antics. Apparently no one has ever told him that jumping on the laps of the timer/scribe isn't really what agility is all about!

It was a great weekend from Shauna and Chase...4 Qs in one weekend is more than average. 2 in Steeple Chase, 1 in Advanced jumpers (which moved us up to Masters - Yikes!) and 1 in Advanced Gamblers. Just think what they could have done if they had contacts!!!!!!

Sarah and Gyp had an awesome weekend and ran 7 for 9. Gyp was ON, and Sarah had no problem with her new brace. She Q'd in All 3 Standards, Gamblers, both Jumpers and Steeplechase!
Kaleb also had a great weekend and was his normal goofy self. He didn't mind the rain at all, and in fact seemed to run faster! He Q'd in 4 out of 6 runs-a Standard (#48), Jumpers, Gamblers, and Steeplechase.

Kelsee and Toni had a good weekend too. Kelsee was a good girl and tried very hard to stay focused. Toni did a great job keeping her happy, and up.

The Berners also enjoyed the cool rainy weather- they weren't phased at all by the temperature or the rain! Maggie earned the last leg needed for her Advanced Agility Dog of Canada title! Bosley was a good boy and and got an Advanced Standard Q, and a Gamble Q!

Jolayne did an awesome job with Tag and earned the most Q's ever in one weekend.
Friday they had an amazing Master Challenge run with just one tiny hiccup.
They earned four q's- a masters standard, snooker, and jumpers Q on Saturday, and a Gambler Q on Sunday. This team has come a very, very long way.

Judy and Roxy had a really great weekend. Every run was great! She Q’d in Starters Standard, Snooker and Steeplechase and also Q’d in Jumpers.

Cindy and Sunar were superstars and came away with 4 Q's! A standard, snooker, jumpers, and a gamblers! Sunar earned her Agility Dog of Canada title, and her Starters Game Dog Title. Sunar is now in Advanced everything! Go Sunar!

Betty and Daryl did a great job. She even ran in the rain! She had a smoking fast jumpers run, and was the fastest in her class I believe! She also...

Julia and the Weim girls had a good weekend despite the weather. The girls did not appreciate the table that doubles as a puddle on saturday. They had great moments though
Tea Q'd in Starters Jumpers and Gambler. She held all her contacts on Sunday! Mckeely Q'd in Adv Jumpers. Very close in Gamblers with Amanda running her and it was fun to watch. Finished last run with no Q but she was happy!
GG the Cavalier ran in two events and didn't get a Q, but had a great time and managed to stay pretty focused! Lots if improvement!

Andrea had a good weekend with her two-
Charm had 3 qualifying runs, in Starters - 1 Standard, 1 Jumper, and 1 Gambler (88 points!!)
and Andre had 2 qualifying runs, in Starters - 1 Jumper, 1 Gambler, he was 'oh-so-close' in his second jumpers, until he was sent to the wrong tunnel mouth... :)

Amanda had a great weekend with her dogs. Pixel ran 4/4 and now moves to Advanced Jumpers! (eek!) Pretty amazing for her second ever "trial." Wicca was mostly a good girl and was not only listening but trying hard to keep the bars up. She came home with two Q's- Steeplechase, and Gamblers. Vito came out to play and had a great time. He didn't Q but came pretty close!.

That is *50+ Qualifying runs for Go Dog Go students in one weekend! Pretty cool eh?

Someone approached me this weekend and said that we must be doing something right.
I agree. Congrats to everyone on a great weekend!

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Wow we are an awesome group!Must ave something to do with the trainers!