Friday, March 19, 2010

Training Troop Results

It was a small contingent this time of Go Dog Go people but we all had a great time.

The biggest news of the weekend was that Sarah was able to run her dogs!!!! She even ran her dogs well enough to earn the second most important news of the weekend- Gyp earned her SILVER Award of Merit!!!! Woohooo! This is a HUGE deal and not many dogs get there. Huge congrats to sarah! Gyp also Q'd in two standard runs.

Kaleb earned a much needed Masters Gamblers Q, and was good boy in his other three runs.

Lucy had a great weekend too and earned a Masters Standard Q, and a Masters Snooker Q. She nearly had the gamble too (see video below)

Cindy did a great job with Sunar and is getting more and more confident. She earned a Starters Gamble Q- which puts her up to Advanced Gamblers at the next trial! And she earned another standard Q. She only needs one more for her Starters title!

Amanda's dogs were naughty. :o)

I still have to post the results from the January trial...and I will- everyone needs to send me their results again!


Judy said...

Roxy got her first AAC Jumpers, also ran a nice Steeplechase, just went over time.

Anonymous said...