Sunday, September 9, 2012

Kimberley BC

Huge Congratulations go out to Lynn & LUCY for receiving their SILVER AWARD OF MERIT this weekend at the Kimberly BC Agility Trials!!!!!
Aside from LUCY'S Silver Award of Merit,.....LUCY had 4 Q's in 6 runs!.....1 in Masters Gamblers, 2 in Masters Jumpers, and 1 in Masters Snooker.

SOPHIE also had a great weekend, bringing home 3 Q's.....1 in Advanced Standard, 1 in Masters Snooker., and 1 in Masters Jumpers. She also had 2 clean runs in Steeplechase...just 2 sec over time in each.
Amanda reports that PIXEL got 4 Q's, 2 in Masters Standard & 2 in Masters Jumpers! VITO came out to play & Q'd in Starters Snooker! BOONE came out of retirement as well, running FEO, & did smokin fast weaves!! Congratulations to the gang!!!!

Tammy reports,
Home from Kimberley after another great agility weekend. TAYLOR came home with a Masters Snooker Q-yah!!! . We also had clean ,smoothly run Masters Standard x 1 , Masters Jumpers x 2 AND a very impressive Master Gamblers (completed two mini gambles in the opening and the main gamble!!) but missed Q's on time faults.

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