Friday, March 9, 2012


Sarah's little dog Janie has been battling with Congestive Heart Failure for more than a year. She lived longer than the vets predicted, and defied odds with each heart beat.  Finally, the time came when Jane's little heart couldn't beat anymore. She died peacefully in her sleep early this week.

It was a fitting end for a queen- on her own terms. Jane's whole life was like that- a true terrier who made decisions for herself. If it made her mom happy great, if not it was no matter to her! She was a dog that kept Sarah on her toes- in life, and in training. She was not an easy dog and it was because of Jane that Sarah got into agility. And it was because of how cute (and naughty) Jane was that Sarah and I became friends. And later formed GDG. So Jane really was the start of it all. We owe her a lot.

The original Princess (who quickly became the Queen). A dog who no one would dare mess with. A role model for dogs with attitude. A fiesty gal who played agility for kitty toys, and loved critters, plastic grocery bags, and kitties. (Well, loved in a "I wanna chase it and eat it" sort of way...)

She will be remembered often.

Rest in Peace Janie.

I'm sure you're already bossin everyone around from your throne on the back of a pink furry couch (placed in front of a window that gets sun 24/7). The Queen always gets what she wants in Heaven....


And a note to our Go Dog Go family and friends. There will be no more deaths this year. I mean it. Stay healthy- all of you. It's been a rough couple of months for us. We need time to grieve and our hearts to heal. That's an order.  ~Amanda

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Koping Weims said...

Lovely tribute to an outstanding dog...funny my boy Stryker never loved other dogs but when Jane and Stryker met they formed an instant understanding of eachother that was always there.
Jane will be loved and remembered by many...