Monday, August 4, 2008

Welcome to Lobsterland

We made it!  We all arrived safe and sound in Halifax this evening (7pm halifax time) The flight was good- I didn't even throw up! We were nervous about the dogs- but we were able to watch them being loaded, and unloaded so it made us feel a bit better. 

We arrived in Halifax and were welcomed by buckets of rain, and lightening. The weather is supposed to clear tomorrow though so we should be able to get some good sight seeing in!

The dogs are doing great and are tired from their adventure. Sarah took some cute pictures at the hotel for your viewing pleasure!!

Stay tuned for Updates!


Paws on the Run said...

What were you doing to poor Wicca to make her look so mad? And I love the picture of Kaleb jumping from one bed to the other.

Glad you made it safe and sound (and puke free!).

onecollie said...

I was going to ask the same question!!! What is Wicca snarling at!!
Glad your flight was good....glad you didn't puke!

Jules said...

Great Wicca face. I love Halifax. Can't wait to hear how you it goes!