Thursday, August 7, 2008

All Warmed Up

This morning Sarah and I headed to the site for the warm up runs. First off, there are TONS of people, and TONS of dogs. Lots of Border Collies and Shelties but also some other neat breeds. There were two other Cardigans- which was super neat to see, a couple Collies, some flatcoats and a Griffon (like Addy) and of course a whole wack of mixed breeds.

We each got a chance to run four times but the wait was so long that we ended up just doing two. We waited four more than an hour. But it was worth it- it was a great opportunity to get on the equipment. We were able to use toys which was a good way to reinforce our good dogs :o)

We came back to the hotel to have a rest and will head back around 5:30 for the opening ceremonies. I am getting pretty excited! It definitely seems more real now.

Sarah will be taking pictures of the opening ceremonies for you all to see!


Marcy said...

Getting closer!!

Kim said...

What !?! No Berners?

oddman said...

Wow, you're really there! Fantastic! Good luck tomorrow, will be thinking of you both, and have yourselves a ball!

andi k