Monday, November 14, 2011

Calgary Trial Results

Here are a couple of results that I have found on Facebook, I will report more as they come in :)

Susan wrote that JERRY Q'd in Masters Jumpers which earned him his MASTERS JUMPERS title !!!! Way to Go!!

Amanda & IZZY, came home with their STARTERS GAMES DOG title, whoo hoo !!!!

Jolyane & TAG got Q's in Masters Standard, Masters Gamblers & Masters Snooker !!

Cindy & SUNAR came home with 2 Q's as well !!!!

Sarah & GYP & KALEB had a great weekend & I know came home with lots of Q's, I will post them when Sarah emails :)

The club also commented on what great volunteers GO!DOG!GO! was, way to go guys !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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