Wednesday, August 3, 2011

CKC Trial

It was a fun but hot weekend for the trial held at the gorgeous Spruce Meadows.

Andrea wrote to say that CHARM got her 3rd, plus a 4th bonus Q, to finish her Excellent Jumpers title!
ANDRE had a great time zooming around the ring but no Q's this time :)
Way to Go Guys !!!

Amanda & PIXEL came away with 3 out of 4 Q's. This finished PIXEL'S Intermediate Standard title with a bonus leg! The next day in Excellent PIXEL Q'd for her 1st Excellent Standard leg!
Whoo Hoo!!!

Daryll & BETTY came home with 2 Standard Intermediate Q's & 2 Jumpers Intermediate Q's to finish both titles!! Welcome to Excellent!!!

Judy reports that ROXY had 4 great runs Q ing in 2 of them. She finished her Agility Intermediate title & got her 1st Q in Excellent!!
Way to Go!!!

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