Monday, September 21, 2009

Flashing Canines Agility Weekend

What a great weekend at the Flashing Canines Agility Trial, our group brought home over 40 Qs!

There were lots of debuts by our students! Most of them ran in 3 or 4 runs over the weekend.
Betty and Darryl placed in all of their classes, and to top it of Betty brought home 2 Q's, one in Starters Snooker and Starters Jumpers!

Roxy and Judy ran in 3 classes, and Roxy had just 5 faults in her standard and Jumpers rounds.

Sniper and Debbie placed 1st in Starters Gamblers, 3rd in Starters Snooker.

Neena and Jenilee placed 2nd in Gamblers and 2nd in Starters Snooker

Bosley and Kim brought home 2 - 1st and Qs in Starters Standard, a 1st and Q in Starters Snooker

Lucy and Heather placed 2nd in Starters Gamblers and 3rd in Starters Snooker

Jovi and Marsha placed 1st and Q in Starters Gamblers and placed 3rd in Starters Snooker

The rest of the gang did great too!!

Lucy and Lynne placed 1st and Qd in Steeplechase, and had some other nice runs throughout the weekend with some nice placements.

Stoker and Debbie 1st and Qd in Steeplechase, 2 - 1sts and Qs In Advanced Gamblers, 1st and Q in Advanced Snooker, Q in Masters Snooker, 1st and Q in Advanced Jumpers. Stoker also got his Advanced Games Dog Title!! Way to go!

Jazmin and Judy came up for the day Qd in 3 of 3 runs! She Qd in Masters Standard, Q Masters Jumpers, Q Advanced Snooker. Way to go!

Dave and Jan's Pearl and BB did great too.
BB 2nd and Q in Masters Standard, and only one of 3 dogs to Q in the Challenge class!
Pearl 1st and Q in Masters Standard, Q in Masters Snooker, Q in Masters Jumpers, Q in Steeplechase. She also racked up some new titles! EX Bronze Jumpers (10 Jumpers Qs), EX Bronze Standard (10 Standard Qs), and her Masters Snooker Dog of Canada Title! WOW!! Congrats!

Tag and Jolayne brought home a 1st and Q in Advanced Gamblers and some other great top 3 placements in his classes too.

Maggie and Kim ran in 6 runs. Maggie placed 1st and Qd in BOTH Advanced Snookers, a 2nd an Q in Advanced Standard, and a 2nd and Q in Advanced Gamblers.

Amanda's gang also did great.
Boone brought home a 1st and Q in Advanced Standard, 1st and Q in BOTH Advanced Gamblers and now moves to Masters! Placed 1st and Q in Advanced Snooker too.
Wicca brought home a Masters Gamblers Q and Qd with the FASTEST time in Steeplechase of all the dogs!

Andrea did great with her guys too.
Charm Qd in Starters Jumpers and Starters Gamblers!
Andre got his end Gamble but ran out of time! He also made some great progress in his other runs over the weekend too!

Kelsee and Toni earned an Advanced Standard Q and an Advanced Jumpers Q!

Sarah and her dogs had a great weekend too.
Jane was entered in 2 classes, and placed first and Qd in both Masters Gamblers and Masters Jumpers. Jane retired from agility competition this weekend, and it was a great way to end it, thanks everyone for making her retirement so special.
Gyp placed 1st and Qd in both Masters Gamblers, 1st and Q in Masters Snooker and 1st and Qd with the FASTEST time in Masters Jumpers.
Kaleb Qd in 5 of his 7 runs. He Qd in Masters Standard, Masters Snooker, Masters Jumpers, Masters Gamblers and Steeplechase.

Way to go everyone, congratulations to all!! I hope all of the info is correct!

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Visichy said...

Congratulations to everyone on a great weekend. Hope Claire and I will be competing with you next year :)