Monday, September 7, 2009

CKC Agility Weekend

A few GDG people headed off to an Edmonton CKC trial for the long weekend and everyone has great news to report!


Julia's Weimeraner Mckeely earned her Excellent Standard title! It has been a long time coming, and we are all very proud of the great team they have become! She is one Jumpers Q away from her Excellent jumpers title aswell!

Kim had a phenomenal weekend with her berners-

Maggie earned an Intermediate Standard Q, AND an Excellent JWW Q! She had a good weekend, and only had a few pokey runs.

Bosley had a great weekend and finished his Intermediate title, and is now in Excellent everything in CKC! He had some really amazing runs, and everyone was very impressed with him.

I had a good weekend with Wicca- we finished her Novice Jumpers title, and now only need one Q for her Novice Standard title. It was a great weekend for her to be able to run simple courses and really open up. The extra 2 inches to her jump height did her in on every course except for two. But I was pleased with her anyway- no off courses, great contacts, weaves, and handling on my part- just one knocked bar!

There aren't many CKC trials around here, but it was worth the trip to Edmonton- a nice small trial, easy courses, and visiting with friends!

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