Monday, May 30, 2011

Results!!! Flashing Canines Agility Trial

Another trial has come & gone & the Go!Dog!Go! team came home with some great memories.
Here are just some of the results from the weekend, I will continue to post as they come in.

Terry's news.....
JACK got his very first Q in Starter's snooker

Cindy's news ......

SUNAR got a Q in the Masters Standard 1 course. She ran really well and was fast. I think the speed may be related to her Back on Track coat. Not sure if it is because she is just happy to have it off or if it actually makes her feel really good. Actually I don't really care as long as it keeps her running fast. SUNAR'S bobbles were in one of the Standard courses she missed 2 contacts. My bobbles were timing and in one class missing an obstacle Duh!!!!.
Good girl Sunar !!!!

Tammy's news......

All in all TAYLOR and I had a good weekend. I was a little bummed after our first run of the weekend as TAYLOR was very unfocused and ran off course several times. However, with each successive run she became more focused and we were able to complete courses with smaller time faults. Consequently, TAYLOR earned a Q on her last run of the weekend in starter jumpers. I am so proud of TAYLOR because I know she is trying. I just need to work harder at keeping her focused and happy about being out on the course. If I can do that, I know her times will improve. As always, a wonderful way to spend the weekend with my special girl and a great group of people.

Judy's news......

ROXY really rocked this weekend. Amanda jump started her by running her in Gamble and getting her 1st Q in Starters Gamble.

She then got her last leg in Starters Standard, then 2 Advanced Snooker Q’s and a Q in Advanced Jumpers

Maureen's news......

ESMAE got her 3rd Starters Standard Q which gave her, her Agility Dog of Canada title. She also got her 1st Starters Snooker Q.
Congratulations !!!!

Andrea's news......

ANDRE got two Q's in Advanced Snooker. Very pleased with most of his runs, and have to laugh at his sudden adoration of Wendy the Camera Lady - 'oh, are you taking MY picture? Oh, yes, I'm so gorgeous!' - he is a HAM.
Good Boy Andre !!!

CHARM got two Q's in Advanced Jumpers. This gives her three, so I think that means she moves up to Masters Jumpers. She is awesome !!!
Good Girl Charm !!!!

Sarah's news......

KALEB ran amazing all weekend and Q'd 6/6. He also earned his 25th Masters Gamble Q (ExGSilver).
WOW, what a good boy !!!!!!

Jolayne's news......

TAG and I had an incredible weekend.... Friday night he ran both Steeplechase courses and ran clean and placed 3rd in both

Saturday - Master Gambler - 1st / Master Standard - 1st / Master Standard - 1st - AMAZING RUNS and NO BARS

Sunday - He didn't feel very good in the morning Standard run as his hamstrings were very tight.. I pulled him from the Snooker run and had the magical Sarah massage hands work on him which she gave him a great massage and he ran his Jumpers course clean with NO BARS :0) and then his stupid Mamma screwed him over on his final jumpers run :0)

We are so looking forward to Regionals ... and having great runs
Awesome teamwork guys !!!!!

Ashley's news......

NIKKI had a Q in Gambles and both Snooker runs this past weekend which gave us our Starter Games Title.

Amanda's news......

WICCA was "on" this weekend and worked as a team with me. I am very proud of her. Nearly every run was beautiful- and she gave me her all. She came home with three Q's- a Standard, a Steeplechase, and a Snooker.

PIXEL is really coming into herself and has picked up her pace a bit. I was impressed with her focus, and consistency on course. Most of the issues on course were mine, not hers. Although we have some kinks to work out. :) She came home with two snooker Q's, and is in Masters Snooker now. :)
Congratulations to the corgi sisters !!!!!

Jolene's news......

I had to pull TATE from the competition so I decided to enter KORT in FEO.
He competed in 2 snooker runs & 2 Jumpers runs.
KORT was such a good boy & ran his little heart out for me, I was one proud mom :)

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