Monday, January 17, 2011

Training Troop Agility Trial, January 15-16, 2011

The GO! DOG! GO! group headed to Calgary this past weekend & the results are coming in, as usual they rocked !, here are some of the reports......

Tammy's News......

TAYLOR and I had so much fun this weekend. I was completely blown away by how well she did. I love her to bits!! We entered in 7 events this weekend which is a significant increase from the last two trial in which we were entered in only 2 events each time. TAYLOR (and I) were definitely tried by Sunday but managed to still pull of good runs. Her contacts were really good. Need to work on confidence on the teeter and getting a more consistent correct entrance into the weave poles. However, once she made a good entrance she completed the weaves no problem. So for our results:
Gamble: missed a Q by 1/10 of a sec. TAYLOR was able to complete the main gamble with a little coaxing but the buzzer sounded just as she was taking the last jump.
Standard: Q 1st, 2nd and 4th round. So we are now in advanced standard-Yah!!
Snooker: had her first Q in this event. (I had vision of snooker at the Medicine Hat trial where we lasted all of 10 sec before hearing the dreaded whistle).

A big Thank-you goes out to all the Go Dog Go team members at the trial for all of their advise, encouragement and support. It means alot to us newbies!!

That is fantastic Tammy!, I don't think you can be called newbies anymore ! :)

Roberta writes......

KARMA was entered into the full weekend trial (8 events) which was a
big challenge for her as we had previously only ever entered in the
games. She was a very good girl but quite tired by the end of Sunday.
She got 3 Q's, 1 each in Starters Jumpers (she is in advanced now),
Snooker, and Standard (on the first run she's ever done in
competition!). She definitely had more "pep in her step" on Saturday
rather than Sunday though so we are working on some new games to keep
her motivated, she seems to enjoy one I call "the claw hand (aka attack
lab)" so I may have to accept the bruises on my hand/arm and let her be
bad ; )

KARMA also won the judges choice award for a spectacular bit of "table
surfing" where she launched herself onto the table with such vigor that
she brought it up onto 2 legs at a significant angle with some very
considerable hang time! She almost managed to pull it off to, because
she stuck with it and leaned back enough to get it back onto the ground
but then hopped off after it slammed back down. It was a really great
run though.

I managed to snag a "guaranteed spot" prize from the volunteer draw as
well which is pretty great, so all in all it was a successful weekend.

What a Great Weekend Roberta & Karma!!!

Jolayne & Tag had a wonderful weekend......

TAG was entered in 6 runs.....

He received 1st with a Q in Masters Gamblers ( 22" Regular )
He Q' in Steeplechase with Sarah running him and stuck his contact :0) I was pleasantly surprised as he was very high going to the line as his teeth were chattering he was so CRAZY …
He had 2 great Standard runs with just minor contact issues as these have been completely retrained since September 2010
We had an OK Jumpers run but we had a bar
But the best of the best was his amazing Standard run on Sunday afternoon… he was just an awesome boy with his contacts and held them which lead to our MAD award. A lot of work to get this run :0) but it will only get better


Lynn wrote that she & LUCY had a great time at the trial, they came home with....

A Q in Masters Standard
Masters Steeplechase
& Masters Snooker !!


Amanda writes with her news......

WICCA was a good girl but couldn't keep up those bars. :) She was her normal speedy self though, often just a second behind the border collies and kelpie. She did manage to bring home a Masters Gamblers Q
PIXEL was only entered in three events and did a great job- she is picking up speed and confidence. She earned an Advanced Snooker Q
BOONE tried hard but just couldn't stay focused. He had fun though- and that's half the battle!
The highlight of the weekend was Sarah running Wicca in the Challenge class- what a rush to watch!

Hurray for Wicca , Pixel & Boonie for being so brave !!!!

Sarah 's News......

KALEB was entered in 5 runs - he ran fast and spunky all weekend! He Q'd in Masters Gamblers and Masters Jumpers. Sarah was feeling sorry for herself since she couldn't run Gyp - but felt better after being able to run some awesome dogs: WICCA in Challenge - a gorgeous run, with just 2 knocked bars, and the 3rd fastest time of all dogs. I learned "French on the fly" when I handled Jo Gauthier's awesome Belgian - TEMPETE for 2 runs, and we even Qd in Jumpers!! I was thrilled to run Jan Connelly's, BB in Jumpers, and we also Qd - what a fun little go getter she is! I ran Jo Farn's, TAG in Steeplechase, what a rush that was to have him stick his A-frame and fun so well for me! Gyp had fun hanging out and making friends :)


Congratulations Sarah !!!!!

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