Monday, June 15, 2009

Regionals Results

Go Dog Go cleaned up this weekend. Wow. Our students kicked some serious butt, and we are VERY proud of everyone. Great Job guys! Great Job.

Stoker - 10" Vet B:
Sat - 2nd in Jumpers 10" Vet B
Sun - 4th in Gambles 10" Vet B
Placed 6th out of 10 and qualified for Nationals
Won Steeplechase in 10" Vet A & B (18 dogs)!!!!!!!!!!

Tag - 22" Regular:
Placed 1st in Jumpers 1 with a time of 24:29!!!!!
Tag made it to the Steeplechase Finals!
Aggregate score of 388(or something) and placed 14th out of 31 dogs

Wicca - 6" Specials:
Sat - 1 st in Jumpers
- 2 nd in Standard
- 2 nd in Gamblers

Sun - 2 nd in Standard?
- 1 st in Gamblers?
- 2 nd in Jumpers?

made it to the Steeplechase finals!
Aggregate Score of 430ish....and placed 2nd in 6" Specials

Gyp - 16" Specials:
Gyp ran clean 6 for 6.
Jumpers 1 - 1st Place
Jumpers 2 - 1st Place
Gamblers 1 - 2nd Place
Gamblers 2 - 1st Place
Standard 1 - 1st Place
Standard 2 - 1st Place
Won the 16" Specials Steeplechase Finals!
Gyp is the 16" Special Champion!! With 580 points!!

Kaleb - 16" Veterans B:
Jumpers 1 - 3rd Place
Jumpers 2 - 2nd Place
Gamblers 1 - 1st Place
Gamblers 2 - 2nd Place
Standard 1 - 2nd Place
Standard 2 - 2nd Place

Kaleb is the 16" Veteran B Regional Champion!!! With a score of 560.

Pearl - 10" Specials:
placed 7th in a competitive 10 inch Specials Class.
And had a total aggregate score of 370!! Pearl was lovin' those 10 inch jumps!!

BB - 10" Vets:
Also placed 7th overall in her class. She had a total of 317 points.
BB's gamble on Saturday was fantastic and we are all very proud of her and Jan!!

Lucy - 22" Specials:
Jumpers- 3rd on Sat
Jumpers- 4th on Sun
Gamblers 4th on Sun
For a final 5th place in her group, with a Qualifying Score of 351. something!!

And Maggie - 22" Specials - she worked very well in the heat. For a big black dog who is fussy about that sort of thing she did great. She is just back from a long, long break, and did very well despite that!

We are very, very proud of everyone this weekend!!! Great Job Guys!

Now, who wants to go to Ottawa??!!!!!

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