Monday, February 16, 2009

Agility Weekend News

Calgary Agility hosted their Family Day Trial this weekend.

Jan, Dave and Lynne went up for the whole weekend, and Julia and Sarah went up for the just Sunday.

Pearl and Dave ran great, and she brought home Qs in Master Jumpers, Masters Standard (a really nice run), Masters SNooker, and Masters Team with their partners BB & Jan.

BB Qd with Jan in Masters Jumpers, and Team with Pearl and Dave, and she had a great gamble - lots of points AND got the end gamble .... but the last bar came down, but hey she did it!

Lucy and Lynne had a super weekend! Lucy got her third Advanced Gamble Q, and now moves to Masters, she also Qd in BOTH Masters Jumpers as well a Masters Standard!

McKeely was full of beans, and had some awesome handling moments by Julia, McKeely looked great and was super FAST, and had great tunnels too!

Gyppie and Sarah ran 3 classes, and Gyp brought home Qs in Masters Jumpers and Masters Standard, she ran clean in Team too, but her partner had a bobble, it was still a nice run!

Kaleb ran in 3 classes too, and Qd in all three, Masters Jumpers, Masters Team and Masters Standard.

Great Job everyone!

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